1st World Congress on the Power of Language:

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    1st World Congress on the Power of Language:
    Theory, Practice and Performance
    Date: March 6 - 10, 2006
    Bangkok, Thailand

    On this very auspicious occasion, Thai people will join hands with
    linguists and scholars around the world to organize an international
    conference entitled "The Power of Language: Theory, Practice and
    Performance" to celebrate the 50th Birthday Anniversary of the beloved
    H.R.H. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, a world linguist scholar, for
    her dedication to languages.
    A World Forgotten Fact: The Power of Language

    As the world becomes more globalized, language is unquestionably an
    international issue as well as a national agenda that requires
    attention from all. Language is a success key to social, economic,
    political, and cultural development. Inventions will not be utilized
    widely at the fullest extent; national development ideas cannot be
    immersed into and implemented in communities unless they are well
    communicated to create local understanding through appropriate
    languages. Conflicts and their resolutions within and among countries
    are examples to prove how great an impact language could bring to the
    world at large. The power of Language goes beyond spoken or written
    words. Unless we are able to really understand each other, and learn
    more about the world and people through language, it is not possible
    to have sustainable development and peace.

    To know the power of language is thus essential for global
    socio-economic, cultural and academic development, community capacity
    building, transfer of technology, international trade, international
    relations, laws and legal interactions, human relationships and
    people, quality of life, esthetics, and world existence.

    The attempt to understand each other is prerequisite if we are to live
    and interact in the world. Through language, when information is
    transferred for various purposes, what we get in addition is to
    understand each other. In this context, translation and interpretation
    are unique human ability subsuming the most effective discipline to
    fulfill world communication and understanding where the plethora of
    languages is used which is beyond one's ability to learn.

    Many research studies on languages have been undertaken worldwide;
    nevertheless, a few have been effectively put beyond practice into
    real performance including reaching the application in societal
    development. This is further confirmed by the paradox of
    knowledge-based society in that limited existing effective research
    findings have been distributed even though there are unlimited
    available channels. This leads to a serious deficit in communication
    and cultural understanding in the world today.

    We fully share the rationale behind the U.S. and Europe Year of
    Languages Projects, and further consider that language is an essential
    indicator of success, not only of a nation but also the whole world at
    large. With our intervention, support, promotion, and management as
    scholars, linguists, development advocates, language specialists,
    translators, interpreters, writers, teachers, students, all language
    users, the power of language would no longer be underestimated.

    We would like to invite multidisciplinary scholars, experts, and
    researchers, multidisciplinary professionals, government officials,
    politicians, development advocates, NGO members, private sector,
    academicians, educators, linguists, writers, translators,
    interpreters, technologists, teachers, students around the world to
    share knowledge, findings and experiences on this world forgotten


    To call for the world's awareness and concrete action plans from
    national and international bodies to jointly address how an impact
    language could bring to the world, especially to promote understanding
    through languages, and their translation and interpretation across
    To bridge the gaps among linguists and scholars, and among
    multidisciplinary professionals as well as to smooth articulation
    between both groups;
    To promote world intellectual gatherings where experts, professionals,
    novices exchange knowledge, expertise, and experiences on the power of
    language, and how language could be used to improve quality of life
    and societal development;
    To encourage more advanced research, grants and scholarships on the
    power of language, and how it can enhance world peace and sustainable

    Papers are invited in the following tracks:

    Language and Linguistics
    Language and Education
    Language and Socio-economic Development and Globalization, Language
    and Social Change, Language and Quality of Life
    Language and Ethnic Minority, Racial/Ethnic Bias in Language
    Language and Politics, and International Relations, Role of the Power
    of Language on World Peace, Conflicts, Violence, Safety and Security
    Language and Communication, Media Discourse, Professional Discourse,
    Computer Language
    Language and Gender, Race, Culture, Literature, and Esthetics
    Language and Law and Ethics
    Language and Translation and Interpretation, Translation and
    Interpretation in International Relations, Trades, World Tourism, and
    World Peace
    Translation and Interpretation in Academia and Careers
    Machine Translation, Localization, Internationalization, and
    Information Technology
    Innovative Issues
    Thiva Charanasri, May 25, 2005
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