a little trouble passing values to Oracle using bind variables

Discussion in 'Python' started by Michael.Coll-Barth@VerizonWireless.com, May 17, 2005.

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    As the subject line says, I am having some trouble passing bind variables to
    Oracle. When I pass a printable string value, such as 'NM', I get data.
    When I try to pass a non-printable character, such as 'return' - chr(13), I
    get no data back. I can't simply make NactionCode = chr(13), as python
    would change the value of NactionCode to '\r' and Oracle sees this as a two
    byte character, and not chr(13). I have looked into how Oracle might accept
    something like '\x00' for chr(0), but to no avail.

    Any thoughts?


    def goGetIt( NactivityDt, NactionCode ):

    dataQuery = '''select a, b, c
    from %s
    where activityDt = :NactivityDt
    and actionCode = :NactionCode
    order by %s
    ''' % ( schema.tableName )

    dbm.cursor.execute(dataQuery, NactivityDt = activityDt, NactionCode =
    actionCode )
    result = dbm.cursor.fetchall()

    return result

    NactivityDt = '12-apr-2005'
    NactionCode = 'NM'
    act1 = goGetIt( NactivityDt, NactionCode )

    NactivityDt = '12-apr-2005'
    NactionCode = 'chr(13)'
    act2 = goGetIt( NactivityDt, NactionCode )

    NactivityDt = '12-apr-2005'
    NactionCode = chr(13)
    act3 = goGetIt( NactivityDt, NactionCode )
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