A New Spin on Copyright Free Images

Discussion in 'HTML' started by info, Jul 20, 2003.

  1. info

    info Guest

    A New Spin on Copyright Free Images

    Announcing the launch of Spin Pictures, a low-cost, high-quality image
    library ideal for small businesses and agencies on very tight budgets.


    July 5, 2003: The Spin Pictures on-line image library, www.spin-
    pictures.com, is primarily aimed at anyone who wants to give their
    websites, presentations and documents a professional look but does not
    have a large budget available for buying images and photography.

    The Spin Pictures web site contains an original collection of
    photographic and digitally produced images which can be used in anything
    from web pages and HTML email to electronic presentations, Word
    documents, Flash animations... and anything else you can think of.

    Prices and usage licenses from larger image banks can be prohibitive and
    most images from 'free' sites tend to be for non-commercial use only.

    However, most Spin Pictures' images are priced at only $12.00 and, with
    very few restrictions on use, once you've paid for an image you may use
    it as many times as you like in whatever medium you choose. Change it,
    add it to other graphics, you could even make it your logo!

    Prices have been kept down by offering relatively low-resolution images,
    but virtually all the images are over 800 pixels x 600 pixels with many
    over 1024 x 768 pixels - plenty big enough for on-screen usage, word
    processor and presentation software.

    The Spin Pictures web site is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
    Delivery of your images is instant and are available for download
    straight after payment.

    The site is ideal for:

    § Small business managers
    § People with little budget for imagery
    § Secretaries & PAs wanting to impress their bosses!
    § Charities, societies and associations
    § Schools
    § Amateur web masters (hobby sites, community etc)
    § Aspiring 3D artists
    § Design / Web Agencies with little or no budget for stock imagery
    § Anyone who uses PowerPoint!

    Other Site Features:

    § By signing up as a member, you will be able to save your image
    selections for future reference and have access to previously bought
    images to download at any time.

    § Some images are available as hi-res versions and can be made
    specifically to clients' requirements.

    § A section for tips, tutorials and ideas to help less experienced users
    get professional results.

    § A large selection of textures and meshes for 3D artists available.

    Press Contacts:

    For further information about Spin Pictures please contact

    Leila Hodgkins
    +44 (0)7761 044768

    Spin Pictures

    info, Jul 20, 2003
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  2. Richard

    Richard Guest

    "info" <> wrote in message
    > A New Spin on Copyright Free Images
    > Announcing the launch of Spin Pictures, a low-cost, high-quality image
    > library ideal for small businesses and agencies on very tight budgets.
    > www.spin-pictures.com

    yet another wannabe millionaire using public domain images.
    why would I want a photo from your site that slaps the name across it?
    If I wanted the image bad enough, I'd take a similar one myself.
    Flower photos are a dime a thousand. Who would pay for a photo of bread?

    Yep. I just love all those animated gif sites that they have a copyright on
    a damn arrow that's been around since the dark ages.
    If it's clearly public domain, I'll just take the damn thing and use it.
    You can try suing me later.
    Richard, Jul 21, 2003
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