[Active Tags] Have the RefleX !

Discussion in 'XML' started by Philippe Poulard, Dec 6, 2005.

  1. hi,

    People that are intersting in native XML programming can download the
    RefleX engine freely here :
    RefleX is available under the french license CeCILL, which is almost the
    same as the well-known GNU GPL.

    RefleX is a Java tool that allows people that have no particular
    knowledge of Java to write smart programs entirely in XML ; however, the
    most brave fellows could also design their own tags and plug them to the
    engine ! (I'll write a step-by-step "How-To" in few days)

    The concepts of native XML programming used in RefleX have been designed
    separately, so that other implementations on other platforms/languages
    can be considered.

    Why programming in XML ?

    At INRIA, we have experienced RefleX on a *real* operational project,
    and it appears that :
    -the code is very easy to produce
    -the amount of code produced is very tiny
    Despite the intrinsic verbosity of XML, the expressiveness of XPath
    (which is used intensively in Active Tags) and the ability to declare
    complex processes exposed as simple tags makes Active Tags programs very

    Active Tags has been designed like a programming language : it offers
    several libraries (called modules) for different purpose : system
    interactions, I/O, SQL, Web, etc and allow users to define simply their
    own libraries, but Active Tags differs from other programming languages
    in many ways... read more on the Active Tags website or on the RefleX
    web site !


    You'll find on the RefleX web site some tutorials that are showing the
    traditional "hello world" example, how to publish an entire XML
    repository to HTML, how to map SQL to XML, how to design an MVC
    architecture, and how to play with datatypes and PSVI ; most of them are
    available in batch mode as well as in a Web application ready to run.

    Don't say anymore that Santa Claus doesn't exists !

    Enjoy !


    (. .)
    | Philippe Poulard |
    Philippe Poulard, Dec 6, 2005
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  2. Philippe Poulard wrote:
    > hi,

    Pas très correct de poster en anglais sur un groupe francophone. Il aurait
    fallu faire l'effort de traduire votre message.

    Ravi de voir que votre projet avance sinon.
    Jean-Marc MOLINA, Dec 12, 2005
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