After recent auto IE patch, jscript form submit generates 2 http P

Discussion in 'ASP General' started by charlieLWallace, Oct 6, 2004.

  1. My company has an application that embeds IE. After a recent automatic IE
    patch was installed, if the amount of data posted from a form is larger than
    some limit, something messes up and the http POST message is not handled
    correctly. The cutoff seems to be a content-length of about 1000 bytes.

    When the IE option "Show friendly http error messages" is off, the POST
    request is usually submitted twice. The http header for the 2nd POST is
    formatted differently from the first, but equivalent. When this happens,
    sometimes the followng redirect happens, but the browser state is messed up -
    some frames not showing.

    When IE option "Show friendly http error messages" is on, something stops
    before the 2nd submit and no redirect happens.

    We have a win 2000 system that runs the same code without problems. We have
    2 XP systems that used to work, perhaps a month ago, but now both have this
    problem. They have not been upgraded to XP SP2, but the automatic IE update
    option was on. I suspect Q831167, or maybe Q815021. Q831167 appears in the
    IE about box, but not in the control panel add/remove list, so I'm not sure
    how to remove it.


    charlieLWallace, Oct 6, 2004
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  2. [MSFT]

    [MSFT] Guest

    Did your IIS servers get changed recently? I suggest you may enable the IIS
    log and then try to reproduce the problem. The exact error info will be
    logged in the IIS log files. We can look into it to see what happened.

    [MSFT], Oct 7, 2004
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