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Discussion in 'Python' started by Trent Mick, Jan 24, 2006.

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    I'm happy to announce that ActivePython is now available for free
    download from:

    This release is a maintenance/update release for existing platforms and adds
    support for three new ones: Mac OS X/x86, Windows/x64 and Linux/x86_64. See
    below for a full list of supported platforms.

    Changes in this release include:
    - Add early support for Mac OS X for Intel platform (macosx-x86).
    Please see the "Mac OS X for Intel" section below for details.
    - Upgrade to PyWin32 build 207 on Windows/x86
    - Upgrade Tkinter to Tcl/Tk 8.4.12
    - Support for Windows/x64 (win64-x64). Note that PyWin32 has not been ported
    to 64-bit Windows so this build does not include PyWin32.
    - Support for Linux/x86_64 (linux-x86_64)
    - Fixed a problem on Mac OS X/PowerPC that unintentionally created a
    dependency on Fink ( for the "bz2" and "curses"
    extensions. (Thanks, Bob!)
    - The Windows "debug libraries" package now allows installation into
    non-ActivePython Python installations of the same version. This was
    requested by Dave Abrahams for the Boost folks (
    - Changed Intel 32-bit architecture platform name from "ix86" to "x86",
    changing package names for some ActivePython builds.

    Mac OS X for Intel

    This is the first release of ActivePython for Mac OS X/Intel. It should be
    considered an early release. This build is not a universal build and there
    are a number of known issues:

    I suspect that ultimately a universal Python build is the right answer, but
    details and issues around that should be discussed on the Python Mac mailing

    What is ActivePython?

    ActivePython is ActiveState's quality-assured binary distribution of
    Python. Builds for AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, and Windows
    are made freely available.

    ActivePython includes the Python core and core extensions (zlib 1.2.3,
    bzip2 1.0.2, bsddb 4.2.52, Tk 8.4.12, and Tix 8.1.4) and is fully
    compatible with other Python distributions of the same version.

    ActivePython also includes a wealth of Python documentation, including:
    - the core Python docs;
    - Andrew Kuchling's "What's New in Python" series;
    - the Non-Programmer's Tutorial for Python;
    - Mark Pilgrim's excellent "Dive into Python"; and
    - a snapshot of the Python FAQs, HOWTOs, and PEPs.

    An online version of the docs can be found here:

    We would welcome any and all feedback to:

    Please file bugs against ActivePython at:

    On what platforms does ActivePython run?

    ActivePython now includes installers for the following ten platforms:

    - AIX/PowerPC
    - Linux/x86
    - (new) Linux/x86_64: "x86_64" is also known as "AMD64"
    - Solaris/SPARC
    - Solaris/x86
    - Mac OS X/PowerPC
    - (new) Mac OS X/x86:
    - (new) Windows/x64: "x64" is also known as "AMD64"
    - Windows/x86

    Extra Bits

    ActivePython releases also include the following packages:

    - Windows "debug" package: Debug-built binaries for ActivePython
    users building debug versions of their binary Python extensions.
    - ActivePython24.chm: An MS compiled help collection of the full
    ActivePython documentation set. Linux users of applications such as
    xCHM might find this useful. This package is installed by default on

    These packages are available from:

    Thanks, and enjoy!

    Trent, Python Tech Lead

    Trent Mick
    TrentM at
    Trent Mick, Jan 24, 2006
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