ANN: ActivePython is now available (bugfix for Windows)

Discussion in 'Python' started by Trent Mick, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. Trent Mick

    Trent Mick Guest

    I'm happy to announce that ActivePython builds for Windows are
    now available for free download from:

    This is a bug fix release to for one Windows issue:
    - Fix a bug that results in ".pyo" and ".pyc" being placed on the
    PATHEXT environment variable before ".py" for clean installs. Bug
    33311. This can cause surprises for command-line usage for Python
    scripts when not specifying the ".py" extension. The new installer
    will fix PATHEXT on machines that hit this bug. See this thread for
    more details:

    If you use ActivePython on any other platform, is still the
    latest build.

    What is ActivePython?

    ActivePython is ActiveState's quality-assured binary distribution of
    Python. Builds for AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, and Windows
    are made freely available.

    ActivePython includes the Python core and core extensions (zlib 1.2.3,
    bzip2 1.0.3, bsddb 4.2.52.NC, Tk 8.4.12, and Tix 8.1.4) and is fully
    compatible with other Python distributions of the same version.

    ActivePython also includes a wealth of Python documentation, including:
    - the core Python docs;
    - Andrew Kuchling's "What's New in Python" series;
    - the Non-Programmer's Tutorial for Python;
    - Mark Pilgrim's excellent "Dive into Python"; and
    - a snapshot of the Python FAQs, HOWTOs, and PEPs.

    An online version of the docs can be found here:

    We would welcome any and all feedback to:

    Please file bugs against ActivePython at:

    On what platforms does ActivePython run?

    ActivePython now includes installers for the following ten platforms:

    - AIX/PowerPC
    - Linux/x86
    - Linux/x86_64: "x86_64" is also known as "AMD64"
    - Solaris/SPARC
    - Solaris/x86
    - Mac OS X/PowerPC
    - Mac OS X/x86
    - Windows/x64: "x64" is also known as "AMD64"
    - Windows/x86

    Extra Bits

    ActivePython releases also include the following packages:

    - Windows "debug" package: Debug-built binaries for ActivePython
    users building debug versions of their binary Python extensions.
    - ActivePython24.chm: An MS compiled help collection of the full
    ActivePython documentation set. Linux users of applications such as
    xCHM might find this useful. This package is installed by default on

    These packages are available from:

    Thanks, and enjoy!

    Trent, Python Tech Lead

    Trent Mick
    Trent Mick, Apr 12, 2006
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