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    Dear xml users,

    We are glad to announce the availability of EditiX 2008 RC1. EditiX is a
    cross-platform (Windows, Mac OS X and Unix/Linux) and easy to use XML Editor
    and XSLT Debugger designed to help web authors and application programmers
    take advantage of the latest XML and XML-related technologies such as
    XSLT, XSL-FO, DocBook, SVG or various XML schemas.

    - Here a list of new features :

    - EditiX 2008 includes a visual schema editor :

    - Here a complex schema processed with Editix 2008 for an HTML output :

    Best regards,
    The EditiX Team
    News inside EditiX 2008 RC1 :
    - Visual Schema W3C Editor
    * Common :
    - Better content assistant height management
    - The content assistant state is stored inside the project
    - The content assistant state is available inside the main toolbar
    - New document dialog improvement (double - click on a choice)
    - Search/Replace dialog initialized with the text selection
    - When a character cannot be displayed inside the character entity panel it
    is colored in gray
    - A tooltip displays the current file path in the tab container
    - A tooltip displays the attributes and the text inside the XML tree view
    - Schema/RelaxNG generator formats the result
    - Schema generator takes into account the root namespace
    - When assigning a schema to an element with a namespace the schemaLocation
    attribute is used
    - When assigning a schema or a DTD root elements are available
    - The tag update state is available inside the main toolbar
    - New templates for TEI P4 Lite, TEI P5, DITA, WSDL, XSLT with XSL-FO output
    - Better visibility for the error's tooltip
    - Error popup : Copy to the clipboard or export the error list to a file
    - EditiX can reload outside modified files
    - Element search panel is available for any opened documents
    - Surround action lists available elements
    - Surround action works on the current selection or on the current element
    - Export your XML structure to java classes with a SAX handler
    - Refactoring action for adding a new attribute
    - EditiX version shown inside the bug reporting system
    - A modified document is displayed with a "*" inside the title
    - Comment/Uncomment, Selection, Surround actions available in the toolbar
    and working with the current node
    - Copy/Cut the current node actions from the Edit menu
    * XPath
    - Export/Import/Clean popup actions inside the history
    - Tooltip with result name and value
    * Project manager
    - New popup action for exporting the project content as a zip document
    - New project action
    - New "add all" action for all the current documents
    - Drag'n drop of a directory works
    * RNG Editor :
    - RNG documents are validated
    * XSLT Editor :
    - XSLT 1.0 documents are validated
    - The action for disabling the assistant has been removed from the XSLT menu
    as it is available in the XML menu
    - Button for refreshing the XML data source
    - When building XSLT document with drag and drop, relative xpath location
    are computed
    * XHTML Editor :
    - Component preview
    * Bugs fixed :
    - XSLT Transformation due to errors inside the XML source didn't displayed
    - XML Catalog was not taken into account for transforming
    - The XPath result value didn't display text for XPath 1.0
    - Relative XPath 1.0 expression to the root node couldn't work
    - Refactoring action could "freeze" the application
    - EditiX could "freeze" for a wrong XML data source at starting
    - DTD Parsing bugs fixed
    - The status bar could disappear when loading a project with an XSLT editor
    - A relative path was available when assigning a DTD or a schema on a new
    - Surround with CDATA section was incorrect
    - Default namespace sometimes wrongly shown inside the tree
    - The first export for a project could fail
    - Namespace manager fixed
    A.Brillant, Feb 1, 2008
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