[ANN] EditiX - XML Editor 2008 SP3 and Free EditiX Lite

Discussion in 'XML' started by Alexandre Brillant, May 5, 2008.

  1. We are glad to announce the availability of EditiX 2008 SP3. EditiX is a
    cross-platform (Windows, Mac OS X and Unix/Linux) and easy to use XML Editor
    and XSLT Debugger designed to help web authors and application programmers
    take advantage of the latest XML and XML-related technologies such as
    XSLT, XSL-FO, DocBook, SVG or various XML schemas.

    - Here a list of new features :

    - Download :

    - Here a complex schema processed with Editix 2008 for an HTML output :

    - EditiX Lite is a free version for non commercial usage at :

    Best regards,

    The EditiX Team

    SP3 :

    Common :

    - XML Snippets : It helps you reusing XML blocks
    - "Previous/Next file" buttons inside the main toolbar
    - XML Diff proposes the current XML documents
    - Multiple selections for the XPath history for deleting
    - Formatting scenario with text trimming

    Bugs fixed :

    - Error line could not appear with JDK6
    - Attributes weren't lexically ordered by the content assistant
    - Multi-lines comments wrongly generated for the Schema documentation
    - The XSLT result wasn't always loaded
    - Navigator didn't open for Windows/Mac os X platforms
    - XSLT parameters couldn't be removed
    - Assigning an XSD schema could loose the default namespace
    - Export/Import for the XPath history added empty lines
    - Attribute nodes from XPath result were partially displayed
    - XSD document generation didn't escape < > characters
    - XSD document generation with missing some HTML parts fixed
    - Fixed some assistant problems with HTML and XSL-FO
    - Fixed formatting and XSLT problems

    SP2 :

    - Better result format for the search panel, the "*" value is managed for
    "any elements"
    - New menu inside the editor popup for displaying occurences of element and
    - New menu action for displaying the current element occurences (shortcut
    - Performance for the pretty format improved
    - Three formatting scenarios : Pretty, Pretty with explicit open/close,
    - The refactor menu item has been removed and is only available in the
    editor popup menu
    - New "attributes to element", "attribute to element", "surround", "insert
    element/attribute" refactoring
    - New "delete all the comments", "delete text inside an element" refactoring
    - Repeat the last refactoring action (inside the editor popup menu)
    - Manuel is shown with the F1 key
    - Ressource Browser (file/zip/ftp) content sorted
    - Button for changing the default directory for the file browser
    - Add a CSS filter when opening a text file
    - W3C Schema Enumeration facet is managed for the element content
    - The tab width can be changed inside the format menu

    XSL-FO Editor :

    - Refactoring : Rename page master name, region name

    XSLT Editor :

    - HTML assistant for an HTML output
    - XSL-FO assistant for an XSL-FO output

    Bugs fixed :

    - Wrong path name for the file browser under Mac OS X/Linux (missing a first
    - Wrong path for external entity value was not notified
    - Schema encoding wrongly managed for the content assistant
    - The search panel could freeze when selecting a node of a closed document
    - Pretty format could loose empty text part
    - New project action fixed
    - Tree nodes couldn't be selected by the keyboard
    - XPath node selection was too little (for Mac OS X)
    Alexandre Brillant, May 5, 2008
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