Ann: Liquid Technologies Releases New Freeware XML Studio AndSilverlight Code Generator

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    Liquid Technologies Ltd ( is
    pleased to announce the latest release of its free graphical XML
    development environment, Liquid XML Studio 2009.

    Liquid XML Studio 2009 extends and improves on the existing
    functionality by introducing other new tools and technologies that our
    users have requested in order to continue to make Liquid XML Studio
    the best value XML development environment available, and include:

    - Silverlight code generation, which has been added to the Liquid XML
    Data Binder to generate code for Silverlight 2.0 in both C# and
    VB .Net, and includes new Runtimes for these new platforms.

    - An XML differencing tool, allowing users to easily compare two XML
    files in a graphical view and includes advanced filtering options.
    Liquid XML Studio Project files, allowing easy access and grouping of
    all the files being worked with.

    - XSLT support, allowing XSLT files to be run within the editor to
    generate the XML output file from source XML data and transform.

    - Enhanced printing and previewing of XML Schema diagrams, allowing
    scaling of the diagram to a percentage height/width or to a fixed
    number of pages high and wide. This significantly improves the ability
    to view large schema in a printed form.

    - Improved large file support, allowing larger files to be edited
    within the XML text editor.

    - Fast Infoset (FI) support, allowing binary compressed files to be
    imported and exported directly from the Liquid XML Studio. This
    technology provides huge performance improvements as the FI files can
    be read and written very quickly by FI enabled parsers (such as the
    Liquid Fast Infoset Library).

    Liquid XML Studio 2009 is available in three editions:

    Freeware Community Edition
    - Fully functional product for commercial and non-commercial use
    - Graphical XSD Editor
    - XML/WSDL/XDR/DTD/CSS Editors
    - Web Service Call Composer
    - XPath Expression Builder
    - XSLT Editor

    Designer Edition
    - Integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 & 2008, adding a
    Graphical XSD Editor, Web Service Call Composer and XPath Expression
    Builder to the Visual Studio environment
    - XML Differencing Tool
    - Full support for XML Schemas with include/imports
    - Branding can be turned off
    - No limits on XSD Document generation
    - Projects can be saved
    - 12 Months Email Support

    Developer Edition
    - XML Data Binding (XML Code Generator) for Cross platform C++, C#
    2003, 2005, 2008, Java, Silverlight 2.0 (C# 2008 & VB .Net 2008),
    VB.Net 2003, 2005, 2008, Visual Basic 6.0
    - Royalty-free distribution of compiled code and the Liquid Runtime to
    - Fast Infoset Support in C++, C# and VB .Net
    - HTML Documentation Generation for the Generated Code Library

    About Liquid Technologies

    Liquid XML ... XML the smart way!™

    Liquid Technologies Ltd is a privately owned company based in
    Bradford, West Yorkshire, U.K. which provides world-leading
    productivity tools for XML software developers.

    Liquid product details are available at
    , Jan 6, 2009
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