[ANN] noe 1.2.0 Released

Discussion in 'Ruby' started by Bernard Lambeau, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. [Note: parts of this message were removed to make it a legal post.]

    noe version 1.2.0 has been released!

    Noe is a simple, general-purpose and extensible skeleton generator from
    project templates

    * <http://github.com/blambeau/noe>
    * <http://rubygems.org/gems/noe>
    * <http://revision-zero.org/noe>

    Noe is a tool that generates project skeletons from predefined templates. A
    template is designed for a specific product (a ruby library, a static or
    dynamic web site, ...). Noe instantiates templates and helps you maintaining
    your product via meta-information provided by a .noespec yaml file. In
    contrast to other tools, Noe is not specific to certain kinds of products.
    Even if Noe comes bundled with a default template to develop gem libraries,
    writing your own template is possible and even simple!


    # 1.2.0 / 2011-01-17

    * Broken things

    * Arrays are not union-merged anymore during YAML merging between .noespec
    and template's noespec.yaml.
    This may introduce small problems on existing projects that use the
    default ruby skeleton while
    specifying additional dependencies. Users have to copy default
    dependencies in their own .noespec
    * Noe does not contain its loader anymore. As a side effect, it does not
    require rubygems anymore
    and 'noe' binary relies on the gem installer to meet its dependencies.

    * Minor enhancements

    * Fixed 'noe --backtrace go', which didn't print the ruby backtrace.

    * Bug fixes

    * A nil value on right of YAML merging (.noespec) correctly overrides the
    value specified on left
    (typically template's noespec.yaml)

    * Default ruby skeleton

    * A 'description' variable is introduced in .noespec and made mandatory to
    avoid weird results
    on rubygems.org when using the whole README.md file for project
    * Enhanced 'rake package/gem' to be configurable from .noespec under
    * Enhanced 'rake unit_test' to be configurable from .noespec under
    * Enhanced 'rake spec_test' to be configurable from .noespec under
    * Enhanced 'rake yard' to be configurable from .noespec under
    * Added 'rake debug_mail' which is configurable from .noespec under
    * lib/__lower__/loader.rb only use plain requires instead of a more
    complex algorithm. This follows
    the discussion with Luis Lavena on ruby-talk (http://bit.ly/gqukPw)
    * Added a proposal dependency (wlang ~> 0.10.1) required by the debug_mail
    * Fixed tasks/unit_test.rake under 1.9.2 (raised 'no such file to load --
    []' with options=[] instead
    of nil)

    # 1.1.0 / 2011-01-14

    * Template specification/instantiation enhancements

    * Introduced a manifest entry in template-info
    * Introduced an auto detection of the wlang dialect to use based on file
    The dialect may also be specified under
    * All hashes found in .noespec variables are methodized before being
    passed to template
    * Templates are now instantiated on a specification being the result of
    YAML merging
    between the user's .noespec file and the template noespec.yaml file.

    * Command enhancements

    * Removed 'noe create', which is replaced by an extended version named
    'noe prepare'
    * 'noe go' now supports --interactive and --safe-override additional
    options to control conflict strategy
    * Added a 'noe show-spec' command that shows the complete specification
    used by 'noe go'
    See 'noe help show-spec' for details
    * 'noe COMMAND --help' is now an alias for 'noe help COMMAND'
    * A wlang backtrace is now displayed when an instantation error occurs on
    'noe go'

    * Other changes

    * Bumped wlang version to 0.10.0 to gain inclusion features on wlang/ruby
    and wlang/yaml
    * Ruby skeleton largely enhanced (see it's own CHANGELOG.md)
    * Noe code is now managed by Noe itself
    Bernard Lambeau, Jan 17, 2011
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