[ANN] Rails CMS(with live demo): community response needed

Discussion in 'Ruby' started by Dmitry V. Sabanin, Feb 27, 2005.

  1. Hi!

    First, let me introduce myself and my project.
    I'm Dmitry Sabanin from Russia, where I own small web-development
    company where we use Ruby quite heavily for a couple of years now.
    After early Rails I've been following it's development and started
    writing Rails CMS that will make my job as a lead developer easier
    and more productive. After few tries, I've come up with following
    Rails by itself makes interfaces that visitor interacts with much
    easier to develop, so I've decided to create CMS that will manage
    only _content_ and it's structure, not the way it will be shown to
    user. My CMS gives you the power to manage content and API that you
    can use in your Rails frontend. Wrting frontends is as easy as
    creating an empty controller, requiring MuraveyWeb API and writing a
    view like:
    <% for news in Mapping[:News].items %>
    <b><%= news.title %>:</b> <%= news.data %>
    <% end %>

    MuraveyWeb itself is a W3C JS powered monster, with explorer-like
    folder interface, for now it works only with Mozillas. There are many
    neat things as WYSIWYG HTML editor, textile articles support and
    server-side image transformations(just a rotation tool for now).

    And now -- the problem. I don't have much time to develop all this and
    the project stalled with rails version 0.9.3. Also, there's a lot of
    things I want to add to the system. That's not a big problem for me
    to find time and migrate to the newest Rails and start developing
    MuraveyWeb again. But, I need to know that somebody wants CMS like
    this and will use it. I don't want to invest my time in something
    that nobody wants :)
    I can make official release in a week or two if there are any
    potential users around. I will offer any help that I can give to
    those who will want to try that.

    If that interests you, I've setup a copy of my clients site MuraveyWeb
    at the http://tools.muravey.net/login/
    login: demo
    password: demo

    Please make sure that you're browsing that with Mozilla or Firefox, as
    it's not IE compatible yet. Also, there are some visible layout bugs
    that could appear in some places, that's mainly because I usually
    develop everything at 1600x1200. Those will be fixed in no time.

    You can do whatever you want, but make sure you don't change password
    on users, so anyone else will be able to play too.

    P.S. The code for MW is in CVS, so you can see it, but I'm sure it
    will not work on new Rails because it need some tweaking.

    P.P.S. Sorry for my messy english :)

    Thanks for your time,
    sdmitry -=- Dmitry V. Sabanin
    Dmitry V. Sabanin, Feb 27, 2005
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