[ANN] RDT 0.4.1

Discussion in 'Ruby' started by Chris Williams, May 10, 2004.

  1. The Ruby Development Tools Plugin for Eclipse v0.4.1 has been released.



    New Since 0.4.0:
    - Outline refresh and marker creation (via a parse) are re-generated
    after a 500 ms idle period in the Ruby Editor. This speeds the
    performance of the editor considerably (Think "Woah! That's fast" -
    Sorry for our earlier hack of reparsing on each refresh!)
    - Option to use spaces instead of tabs ("inline", not just after
    - Configurable indent level for formatting action
    - Configurable filtering in the Ruby Resources View (only Ruby files, or
    all files)
    - Link to Editor option in the Ruby Resources View
    - .gem, .gemspec, .cgi, .rhtml, rakefile and .rbw files are all now
    recognized as "Ruby" files (shown in the Ruby Resources View and
    - Larger set of syntax warnings and ability to toggle their creation
    (since it is still currently experimental and creates some "false
    positive" warnings)
    - Syntax Highlighting color defaults now match the Java editor (no more
    pink comments!)
    - A number of bugfixes

    Major Features:
    - Works with Eclipse 3.0
    - Ruby Debugger (currently works with Ruby 1.6.8 - see the documentation
    or wiki for more information on different versions)
    - Ruby Resources View
    - Link to editor
    - Ability to toggle filtering to only "ruby" files
    - Ruby Editor with:
    - Ruby Outline View
    - Code Completion (current script's elements and keywords)
    - Syntax Highlighting (with configurable colors)
    - Syntax Validation (Warnings and errors) toggle
    - Visual diff of current file with latest revision on disk or in CVS
    - Ruby Project Wizard

    For a more full description of what's new in this version please refer

    The Project Wiki is up at:

    Please if you use Eclipse, take a look at this project - we're working
    towards bringing the power of the JDT to Ruby. Dynamic languages like
    Ruby and Python need more dynamic tools for support and to help spread

    Markus has done a tremendous job with this release - you have him alone
    to thank for the large majority of the new content in it. As always we
    encourage bug reports and feature requests so we can get a handle on
    what everyone needs and wants in their ruby editor!
    Chris Williams, May 10, 2004
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  2. Chris Morris

    Chris Morris Guest

    Re: [OT] Eclipse 3.0

    Lyle Johnson wrote:

    > I've recently started a new job in a Java shop and so I've just
    > started using Eclipse as well. I'm currently using the 2.1 maintenance
    > release but was thinking about upgrading to the latest 3.0 milestone
    > build. Do any of you regular users of Eclipse have an opinion about
    > how stable the 3.0 series is at this point? Should I just wait for the
    > final release at the end of June?

    I've been using 3.0 M7 and 3.0 M8 for some time now, and haven't had any
    problems. Occasionally, it seems the first time I do a search on some
    Java member, it comes up with nothing, then if I immediately retry it,
    it finds the hits I was expecting. I haven't played around with it to
    see anything more specific. But the calling/called methods hierarchy
    stuffs are awesome, worth the trip to 3.0, IMO.

    I was not a 2.1 user for very long, so I don't know if there was
    anything in 2.1 that substantially changed.

    Chris Morris, May 10, 2004
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