[ANN] rfeedparser 0.9.93

Discussion in 'Ruby' started by Jeff Hodges, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. Jeff Hodges

    Jeff Hodges Guest

    rFeedParser is a translation of Mark Pilgrim's Universal Feed Parser
    <http://feedparser.org> from Python to Ruby. It has nearly the exact same
    behavior. It's functionality documentation[1] applies to this work.

    Currently, on a Ubuntu GNU/Linux box, it passes 98.8% of the over 3000
    unit tests originally created for Mark's feedparser. On a Mac box with ruby
    1.8.6, this drops down to 97.7%.

    It is a bit of mess to get installed. The gems take care of most
    everything, but you will need Yoshida Masotos Ruby bindings to the Expat
    library[2], and, of course, the Expat XML parser[3].

    More information can be found at the rubyforge site:

    I'd like to thank Sam Ruby for his idea of pirate testing[4]. I've
    extended it beyond the bare bones implementation he gave there and without
    that inspiration, I would not have down this at all.

    Anyone who wishes to help code this is asked to look in at
    rfeedparsertest.rb and at how the test files themselve are written in
    wellformed/, illformed/ and their subdirectories. (For the really smart of
    you, yes, rfeedparserserver.rb needs to be folded into rfeedparsertest.rb.
    Would you like to do it?). Also, bzr branches can be found on my site[5].

    To anyone who has been monitoring this project on rubyforge or saw the
    earlier malformed announcement, sorry for the spam tonight. My sleep
    deprivation kicked in and caused some problems.


    [1] http://feedparser.org/doc
    [2] <http://www.yoshidam.net/Ruby.html#xmlparser> Be sure to patch line 171
    in saxdriver.rb by placing "return" in front of stream. I've made a gem for
    xmlparser, but have not yet made it work on Mac OS X. You can grab it from
    [3] <http://expat.sourceforge.net/> This is available in macports as well
    as in Ubuntu/Debian and the other assorted Linuxes. Be sure to get the dev
    [4] http://intertwingly.net/blog/2005/10/30/Testing-FeedTools-Dynamically
    [5] http://somethingsimilar.com/code/bzr/rfeedparser
    Jeff Hodges, Jul 21, 2007
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    Jul 21, 2007

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