[ANN] ruby-breakpoint 0.5.0

Discussion in 'Ruby' started by Florian Gross, Mar 4, 2005.

  1. I'm finally releasing this to the general public in the form of a real Ruby
    package after it has been used quite successfully in Rails. This ought to
    also speed up the processing of bug reports and feature requests.

    Note that if you are getting SecurityError problems when using remote
    breakpoints you should (re)install Ruby 1.8.2 from source code. See the FAQ
    on the homepage for more information about this problem.

    = What is ruby-breakpoint?

    ruby-breakpoint lets you inspect and modify state at run time. This allows you
    to diagnose bugs, patch applications and more all via IRB by simply doing a
    method call at the place you want to investigate.

    ruby-breakpoint is integrated into the popular RubyOnRails and Nitro web
    development frameworks. In the past it has also been a part of the Ruby
    dev-utils Project.

    ruby-breakpoint is available from http://ruby-breakpoint.rubyforge.org/ --
    that web site also is a good place for discussing new features, filing bug
    reports and so on.

    = Where can I get it?

    ruby-breakpoint is available via RubyGems. Using it installing is as easy as
    typing the following into a shell:

    gem install ruby-breakpoint

    If you don't have RubyGems or prefer downloading this via the web that's no
    problem either. All files are also available directly from RubyForge via

    = What's new in ruby-breakpoint 0.5.0?

    * breakpoint_client has better logic for guessing the client-uri automatically.
    This ought to fix connection errors that were happening because the client
    service was bound to the wrong network interface.
    * Traced down the origin of SecurityError problems to a bug in Ruby 1.8.1 and
    early 1.8.2 releases. If you're experiencing this you can usually fix it by
    compiling the Ruby 1.8.2 available from ruby-lang.org. See the FAQ on the
    homepage for more information on this.
    * Support for drbunix:/ URIs -- this allows communication via files on Unix
    based platforms. It is more secure than ACLs + socket communication on shared
    * Fixed a bug in Breakpoint.deactivate_drb that was happening when calling it
    from the breakpoint IRB session.
    * Improved documentation in a few minor areas.
    Florian Gross, Mar 4, 2005
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