ANN: ruleCore 1.0 - Engine for event pattern detection

Discussion in 'Python' started by Marco, Feb 19, 2004.

  1. Marco

    Marco Guest

    I would hereby like to announce that ruleCore 1.0 is available under
    GPL from

    RuleCore is an event-driven reactive rule engine with GUI tools,
    written in Python.

    The ruleCore Engine accepts events with XML-RPC, IBM WebSphere MQ,
    TIBCO Rendezvous or just plain TCP/IP sockets. The engine detects
    complex patterns of events, called situations. By combining events
    with different kind of nodes, such as logical or timer nodes, the
    situation detector in ruleCore can detect all kinds of interesting

    Just a simple example:

    "Detect the situation when event HOST_DOWN comes after event
    ROUTER_DOWN and event FAILOVER does not come within 10 minutes. But
    don't do this while I'm on lunch between 12 and 13:30 every day."

    A condition can be evaluated on all the events that took part in the
    detection process after a situation is detected. If the condition is
    true a number of actions can be executed, normally scripts.

    The ruleCore Engine is written in completely in Python. The GUI tools
    are also in Python and uses Qt with the PyQt wrapper. Everything is
    tested on recent versions of SUSE and RedHat. The rpm contains
    *everything* needed to run ruleCore, so it should run on most Linux
    distributions. Source code is also available.

    Portability to Windows and Mac is a goal, but not tested yet. But as
    everything is in Python, it should run provided that all the required
    software are installed. Although this is left as an exercise to the
    interested reader.

    The ruleCore Engine is based on ideas from the research done on active
    rules called Event-Condition-Action (ECA) rules. Google on ECA-rules
    or check the references section on to learn more
    about this type of event-driven active rules.

    What is it good for? I think ruleCore is usable for solving problems
    in a number of areas. RuleCore, just like a dbms, is a tool that could
    be used for many different kinds of applications. Just to mention a
    few areas, system management, "real-time" log analyzing or network
    monitoring could all benefit from being able to detect interesting
    patterns in huge number of events, as they happen, and trigger alerts.
    The ruleCore Engine can also be used together with a suitable
    integration (EAI) architecture to feed it with events from various
    business systems. This would enable ruleCore to detect interesting
    business situations such as customers acting (or not acting) in
    interesting ways.

    Marco, Feb 19, 2004
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