[ANN] webgen 0.5.2 released

Discussion in 'Ruby' started by Thomas Leitner, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. Hey everybody!

    webgen 0.5.2 has just been released! If you don't know what webgen is,
    read the "What's webgen?" section down below.

    This release brings some updates to the core as well as a browser based
    GUI, some bug fixes and better Windows support. The most noteable
    update to the core is better partial site generation support.

    When a file that was in the menu changed, all files which included a
    menu with a link to this file got regenerated, too. However, that was
    not always necessary since the content of the changed file does not
    appear in the menu, only its meta information `title`. Therefore the
    new system checks if the meta information of the changed file has
    changed and only then regenerates all menus. This system is now also
    used by all other extensions like the breadcrumb trail or the langbar

    The new webgen webgui which can be started via `webgen webgui` is a
    graphical pendant to the command line interface. It features

    * auto-completion of entered website directory paths
    * possibility to create and render websites
    * live view of a rendered website or preview of a to-be-created website

    The preview mode when creating a website is very useful for choosing
    the right template and style for a new website, especially for people
    new to webgen.

    * Major enhancements:

    - better partial site regeneration
    - browser based GUI

    * Bug fixes:

    - RF#21507: rdoc documentation link now works again
    - corrected some Windows specific bugs, test suite runs fine now on
    - terminal width recognition now works again
    - global command line option `--log-level` now works as intended
    Best regards,

    What's webgen?

    webgen is a tool to generate static websites by combining content
    with template files. You create one or more template files in which
    you define the layout of your page and where the content should go.
    After that you create page files in which you only define the
    content. You can use a variety of markup languages like Textile or
    Markdown or Haml to define your content and you can add dynamic parts
    via ERB or by using webgen tags. This allows the automatic generation
    of menus, breadcrumb trails and much more!


    gem install webgen


    See http://webgen.rubyforge.org/documentation/
    Thomas Leitner, Aug 13, 2008
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