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    March 30, 2009

    Xponent is pleased to announce Beta version 2.0.5 of its XMLMax
    Virtual XML Editor. This version introduces two features, indexing
    for faster xpath queries, and instant re-loading of xml documents of
    any size(tested to 10Gb).

    Beta testers who work with xml documents, preferably with files
    several megabytes to several gigabytes in size, are needed at this

    If you ever need to quickly view large xml in a treeview, or just find
    and fix a bad element, XMLMax is the way to do it. It is fully
    editable with dynamic schema validation and auto-complete.

    It provides xpath query and editing of any xml file, including ones
    too large to load into a DOM or other in-memory application.

    XMLMax is a validating xml editor for Windows written in C# that
    supports xpath 1.0 and is namespace aware.

    Xponent website:

    ****** Key Features: ******

    * Incremental parsing and loading.

    * A 75Mb file is fully parsed and loaded in three seconds, a 250 Mb
    file in sixteen seconds. Parse and load rate is linear at about 1Gb/
    minute and has been tested with files over 10Gb.

    *When an xml file is first parsed, a small stub file is created that
    enables the file to be-reloaded instantly the next time is is opened,
    provided it has not been modified.

    * Minimal memory footprint. Only 600 Mb of available memory is needed
    to load even multi-gigabyte files.

    * Xpath queries are limited to forward-looking xpath expressions.

    * XSLT. Fragments in a nodeset returned by an xpath expression may be
    transformed with a selected xsl file and written to a single output
    file that is optionally encapsulated in a user-specified root element.

    * Reads and writes UTF-8, UTF-16 and iso-8859-1.

    * Protected editing. Markup characters in an xml file are never
    accessible for editing.

    * Detection, location and correction of any well-formed error at load-
    time, including files without carriage returns and line feeds.

    ****** Architecture ******

    XMLMax was written in C# with the .Net 2.0 Framework. A proprietary
    virtual treeview was developed by Xponent from the ground up and never
    contains more elements than those actually visible (child elements not
    visible are not in the tree at all). This design provides
    instantaneous inserts and deletes at any location, even in the largest
    files. There are no third party licenses, controls, or libraries.

    ****** Beta Test Registration ******

    Register for the XMLMax Beta Test Program at
    , Mar 30, 2009
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