[ANNOUNCE] Caught on Tape: Bi-Directional EDI to XML Mapping!

Discussion in 'XML' started by Stylus Studio, Sep 7, 2005.

    New Online Video Demonstrations Show How to Simplify Legacy Integration

    Bedford, Mass. - September 7, 2005 - Bedford, MA - Stylus Studio
    (http://www.stylusstudio.com), the industry-leading provider of XML
    development tools for advanced data integration, today announced the
    release of a new educational video for the XML community. The new video
    demonstrates how to set up bi-directional data mapping using Stylus
    Studio adapter URLs to get any legacy data format, for example, EDI,
    into XML, then how to propagate changes made to the XML file back to
    the original EDI source file. "Bi-directional EDI to XML Mapping Using
    Stylus Studio Adapters" is the third installment of the Convert to XML
    series which covers various data integration topics involving flat
    files or other legacy data formats. The new video is free and can be
    viewed at:

    Stylus Studio®: On Demand and In Demand

    Stylus Studio is committed to providing free educational materials in
    addition to our innovative and productive XML tools, to give the XML
    community to give them the edge they need to be successful in their
    everyday work. The combination of the Stylus Studio XML IDE and our
    growing library of free XML resources, tutorials, whitepapers, video
    demonstrations, and industry interviews can greatly simplify advanced
    XML development challenges. The new online video demonstration covers
    the following topics:

    · How to use Stylus Studio's Adapter URL technologies to convert
    EDI to XML and back again.
    · Converting an EDI data model to XML Schema with the EDIFACT to
    XML Schema wizard.
    · Overview of the built-in XML Converters for working with
    hundreds of different EDI formats.
    · Customizing the way EDI segments are converted to XML in
    Stylus Studio.
    · Converting the EDI 96A Message Type to an XML document.
    · Using the Stylus Studio XSLT Mapper to get the converted XML
    into a more formal XML standard.
    · Using the EDIFACT to XML Schema wizard to generate an XML
    Schema based on the EDI 96A Message Schema.
    · Configuring the EDIFACT to XML Schema Wizard.
    · Browsing a converted EDIFACT data model in the XML Schema
    · Validating a converted EDI document against an XML Schema.
    · Using Stylus Studio's adapter URL to write back changes made
    to the XML into its original EDI format (round-trip conversion).
    · Customizing the display options in the XSLT mapper.

    About Stylus Studio®

    Stylus Studio®, a product from DataDirect Technologies, an operating
    company of Progress Software Corporation, is the industry's most
    innovative XML IDE providing advanced support for XML and its related
    technologies: XSL, XSLT, XML Schema, DTD, SOAP, WSDL, SQL/XML, XML
    mapping and XQuery. Used by leading software developers world-wide,
    Stylus Studio simplifies XML programming and enhances developer
    productivity through innovation. For more information, visit:

    Stylus Studio is a trademark of Progress Software Corporation in the
    U.S. Any other trademarks or service marks contained herein are the
    property of their respective owners.

    For More Information:
    Jason Mazur
    Public Relations Manager, Stylus Studio
    Telephone: 781-280-4488
    Stylus Studio, Sep 7, 2005
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