ANNOUNCE: XML Enhancements for Java (XJ)

Discussion in 'XML' started by Igor Pechtchanski, May 5, 2005.

  1. XML Enhancements for Java (XJ) (
    are a set of extensions to Java 1.4 that integrate support for XML, XML
    Schema and XPath 1.0 into the language. The advantages of XJ over
    existing mechanisms for XML development are:

    - Familiarity (for the XML Programmer): XML processing in XJ is
    consistent with open XML standards.
    - Robustness: XJ programs are strongly typed with respect to XML
    Schemas. The XJ compiler can detect errors in uses of XPath expressions
    and construction of XML data.
    - Easier Maintenance: Since XJ programs are written in terms of XML and
    not low-level APIs such as DOM or SAX, they are easier to maintain and
    modify if XML Schemas change.
    - Performance: Since the compiler is aware of the use of XML in a
    program, it can optimize the runtime representation, parsing, and XPath
    evaluation of XML.

    In XJ, one can import XML schemas just as one does Java classes. All
    the element declarations in the XML schema are then available to
    programmers as if they were Java classes. Programmers can write inline
    XPath expressions on these classes, and the compiler checks them for
    correctness with respect to the XML schema. In addition, the compiler
    performs optimizations in order to improve the evaluation of XPath
    expressions. A programmer may construct new XML documents by writing
    XML directly inline. Again, the compiler ensures correctness with
    respect to the appropriate schema. By integrating XML and Java, XJ
    allows programmers to reuse existing Java libraries in the development
    of XML code and vice-versa.

    XJ is an evolving language, and therefore any comments, criticisms or
    praise from developers is most welcome.

    Igor Pechtchanski (for the XJ team)

    Igor Pechtchanski
    IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
    XJ: No More Pain for XML's Gain (
    Igor Pechtchanski, May 5, 2005
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