Announcement: Morphon XML-Editor 3.1.3

Discussion in 'XML' started by Morphon Technologies, Oct 6, 2003.

  1. ROTTERDAM, October 6th 2003

    Morphon Technologies is pleased to announce the release of the Morphon
    XML-Editor 3.1.3. This version of the Morphon XML-Editor is free of

    Download it from

    What has changed in version 3.1.3:


    + Support regular expresions when doing textual replace.
    + Restore cursor position and (optional) folding states when
    switching back from source view.
    + Show line:column in source view.
    + Use xml attributes to determine aligment of cells in CALS tables.


    - check grammar to determine which elements can act as a CALS
    table (fixes some border problems)
    + SAXDriver sometimes notified wrong character data.
    + Namespace related issues in the ChooseElement panel.
    + CSS selector :first-child did not work anymore.
    + Check grammar to determine which elements can act as a CALS table
    (fixes some border problems).

    See the ChangeLog for more.



    + XIndice plugin. Edit documents stored in an XIndice database.


    + Plugins can now filter document edits.

    What is the Morphon XML-Editor suite?

    The Morphon XML-Editor is a WYSIWYG Word processor-like validating
    XML-Editor that lets you easily create and modify XML documents.
    Morphon also provides a CSS editor for use as a styling language. The
    Editor itself is multi-platform as it is written in Java. It supports
    industry-standard XML, adhering to a customer-defined data models,
    defined using either a Document Type Definition (DTD) or XML Schema.

    Some key features of the Morphon XML-Editor

    + Support DTD, XML Schemas grammar and namespaces.
    + Tables (CSS and CALS).
    + Editable source view.
    + Spell checker.
    + Printing.
    + Mac OS menu bar.
    + Auto saving of your files.
    + Support for scripting.
    + Various plugin APIs for developers to extend the editors.
    + Supports Java Webstart.

    Morphon XML-Editor supports standard internet protocols and file
    transfer interfaces, including WebDAV, FTP, and HTTP, which allows it
    to be easily used in conjunction with the leading XML content

    Why is the Morphon XML-Editor now available free of charge?

    The Morphon XML-Editor is now being offered free of charge, there are
    no strings attached. Morphon Technologies would like to increase the
    user base of the Morphon XML-Editor. Having a larger and varied user
    base will help us understand better the future needs of our users.

    Morphon Technologies has shifted focus to helping companies and
    organizations to integrate the XML capabilities into their products
    and applications. This will be accomplished by a combination of
    licensing the Morphon Components, writing custom plug-ins to the
    standard editor for integration with third party products, providing
    development services, and by providing support for organizations that
    deploy solutions using Morphon.

    Morphon Components:

    The powerful features of the Morphon XML-Editor and Morphon CSS-Editor
    are also available as separate components that can be licensed for
    integration into your own Java(tm) applications. Using Morphon
    components you can offer seamless integration of XML and CSS editing
    capabilities to your customers.

    Morphon Plug-ins:

    Using the API provided for the standard Morphon XML-Editor, developers
    can write plug-ins to integrate Morphon's XML capabilities into their
    Java Applications. Example plugins are provided and can be downloaded
    in the developers? sections of the site.


    Further information or technical questions:

    Please contact for license enquiries, development
    and support contracts, pricing information, and full terms of usage.

    Please contact for all technical enquiries.


    All trademarks are property of their respective owners and are used
    for explanatory purposes only.
    Morphon Technologies, Oct 6, 2003
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