Antwort: Distutil install problem ['LBBW': checked]

Discussion in 'Python' started by Holger Joukl, Feb 23, 2004.

  1. Holger Joukl

    Holger Joukl Guest

    what version of python are you using?
    I got the same error when invoking a customized, 2-year-old version of
    distutils with
    python 2.3.3 (instead of 1.5.2, as before). Reason is code in,
    using dir() to
    look up the attributes of a class instance. But dir() nowadays also returns
    the class methods,
    __doc__ etc.
    Changing this in the old distutils/ made it work for me, again (line
    numbers might be slightly
    different for you):
    < method_basenames = dir(self.metadata) + \
    > method_basenames = self.metadata.__dict__.keys() + \

    I don´t know what PDO is, but maybe it is also shipped including its own
    distutils module, still
    using the "old" code and you try running it with an new python interpreter?
    Then you might either
    - change the local distutils as proposed above or
    - use the distutils that comes with the newer python versions (renaming
    the distutils dir in your PDO
    module should trigger this), which is recommended

    Good luck

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    I just installed a new Linux distribution (MEPIS) and went to install
    PDO and got the error

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "", line 2, in ?
    from distutils.core import setup
    ImportError: No module named distutils.core

    Undaunted, I downloaded the Distutils package, which is supposed to be
    able to install itself with the usual "python install."
    However, when I tried this I got a different error:

    File "", line 30, in ?
    packages = ['distutils', 'distutils.command'],
    File "/root/Downloads/Distutils-1.0.2/distutils/", line 101,
    in setup
    _setup_distribution = dist = klass(attrs)
    File "/root/Downloads/Distutils-1.0.2/distutils/", line 130,
    in __init__
    setattr(self, method_name, getattr(self.metadata, method_name))
    AttributeError: DistributionMetadata instance has no attribute

    I'm still a newbie to Linux and mostly a newbie to Python (5 months
    experience). I have a general idea of what this error means, but I have
    no idea how to go about fixing it. I would appreciate any solutions
    people could offer.



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    Holger Joukl, Feb 23, 2004
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