Arabic / Russian text in asp/ie built-in editor/access

Discussion in 'ASP General' started by Linda, Oct 14, 2003.

  1. Linda

    Linda Guest


    I am to develop a multi-lingual website / content management system.
    I will use ASP (IIS on swedish or english windows 2000), Access, and
    for the content editing i will use the built-in editor in IE (in an IFRAME).
    Primary languages/charsets, apart from the western languages (swedish,
    english etc) will be russian and arabic.

    Does anyone know how (if) this works?

    What should my main concerns be, will it work and what will the likely
    problems be?

    I've tried to insert arabic text in regular text-fields in existing
    but when they reach the database the text has been alterd.
    Though I can paste the same text directly into the database. Why?

    / Linda
    Linda, Oct 14, 2003
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  2. Arnold Shore

    Arnold Shore Guest

    FYI, my ASP/VBScript/Access application handles Russian and Arabic (and a
    bunch of others, incl CJK) fine, using ONLY charset=utf-8. I do accommodate
    the right-to-left requirement for Arabic and Hebrew. No problem so far.

    While I haven't tried pasting directly into the db, I have no need to, and I
    expect that may not work, since I don't see a display when I look.
    Everything is coming up roses - until I tried to write a Word/RTF file fm
    some of the db data. English works fine, only! I know I need to map the
    Unicode (in whatever encoding Access uses, which I'm sure is UCS-2) into
    RTF's encoding scheme.

    A really weird thing (to me, anyway) I've encountered is in a UTF-8 test
    script. Here, the input - a single Cyrillic character using two bytes - is
    posted to the receiving script, and IIS or IE has expanded that to a 4-byte
    field. ????

    Codepage stuff is probably involved - but I haven't needed to diddle with
    that so far.

    Best of luck, and pls keep us informed of progress - as I will.

    Arnold Shore, Oct 15, 2003
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