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Discussion in 'ASP .Net Web Controls' started by Indianiec, Apr 6, 2005.

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    Hi All,

    My problem is a bit sophisticated. I work for a company that sells
    gadgets. We got huge website based on ASP.NET and Microsoft Commerce
    Server 2002 SP2 and our database is based on Sequel Server 2002. The
    problem is very rare. It occures approximately once every 100 orders.

    So... I have a basket. I add some product. I am a registered user and
    go to checkout. Now... Checkout.aspx checks my address and throws all
    possible ways of delivery into an asp drop down list. So I have a
    possibility to choose between Royal Mail Standard Delivery, Recorded
    Delivery, Next Day Delivery and a Parceline. Drop down list has
    autoPostBack set to false (it makes the site very slow, I read the
    value when I leave the page and I put it into session variable. When I
    go to CheckoutConfirm.aspx it sometimes happens, that the delivery
    method disappears from session variable and is set to emty string. I
    thought it is a good idea to place a TRY CATCH block there and email
    myself automaticly whenever the problem occures, but... it sometimes
    doesn't hit the TRY CATCH block too. That is really wired. Moreover,
    I've set another catch on the next page. It checks if the session
    variable DeliveryMethod is not empty but... sometimes it even doesn't
    hit that function even though it is on another page. It is really
    annoying for our customer service - calling people and asking about
    delivery method - unprofessional.

    I tried to get into the code (2200 lines) but it happens so rarely,
    that honestly... there is no way to trace that error. Code seems to be

    Moreover... I got one more strange error. I got product details page.
    There's again a asp drop down list with different variants of product.
    I add values threw asp repeater. Once in a while when I choose a
    variant, webside posts back to update price, stock number etc... and
    the drop down list appears EMPTY. I do not think it is a metter of
    code. I think there's something wrong with connecting repeater and
    drop down list. But what? Maybe it is Commerce Server fault, or
    Sequel... Or maybe I do not have some patches installed?

    Either way, that is the problem. If anyone had similar experience, or
    knows what causes such behavior, please give me a shout. Thanks for
    your help ladies and/or gentleman.

    Indianiec, Apr 6, 2005
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