login.aspx 404 but no login.aspx needed

Discussion in 'ASP .Net' started by frekster, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. frekster

    frekster Guest


    Windows xp pro box with vs 2003 and .net 1.1 installed. Downloaded a
    project from source safe via vpn to my ome pc to work from home. I have
    three other projects on my pc that works fine with the vpn. This one,
    however, is being a bugger. Every time I start it, I get a 404 error
    stating login.aspx is not found. However, there is no login.aspx file
    in the entire project *nor* should there ever be. The project is using
    forms authentication, however, the log in form is showed via a web user
    control and all pages are shown in a single page with a panel. Any how,
    point being, this project works fine on my work pc with no login.aspx
    page and my home pc has the *exact* files, folder structures, checked
    all files in source safe, all are there. This has to be an iis error.

    The url it shows to the login.aspx page it is expecting is not even a
    complete url -- it doesn't start with http at all. Just
    /folder/folder/folder/login.aspx. It is like it is trying to find a
    cookie and cannot and tries to redirect me to some built in
    functionality of IIS or .net to some blasted login.aspx page.

    Again, this project works fine on my work pc. I was shocked to even
    find this behavior since the other three projects work fine.

    I did run the aspnet_regiis.exe with the -i option to reset it and make
    certain it was lined up with

    I've been trying to find this issue for over 8 hours now with no luck.
    Is there anyone out there that can help? Other things I've checked:

    1. web.config is exact to what is in source safe and on work pc
    2. project is in configuration of debug
    3. the project folder structure is lined up
    4. all system requirements are in place such as third party dll files
    oracle 10g client etc.
    5. have default.aspx set to start page
    6. traced code line by line with break points and it gets past all code
    and then it pulls up the login.aspx 404 error

    again, the setup is exact to my work pc. What in God's name is causing
    this login.aspx file to try to be found and not the real web page to
    load? It has to be something to do with the cookie and not
    finding it or something? I dunno. On my work computer it all works fine
    regardless if cookie is there or deleted etc.

    Can anyone help? This has set me back 8 hours on this project and I am
    not happy!

    frekster, Sep 14, 2005
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  2. frekster

    frekster Guest


    Just a little followup. Here is what I have in web.config for the forms
    authentication part:

    <authentication mode="Forms">
    <forms name="Application.Authentication" protection="All"

    <httpRuntime useFullyQualifiedRedirectUrl="false"/>

    It doesn't specify a login form name so that may be why it is
    redirecting me to login.aspx. However, this works fine on my work pc.
    This is a .net 1.1 application laid on top of an oracle 10g database.
    The Application.Authenticate used in the web.config above may have
    something to do with this issue. It might be a stored procedure but I
    actually do not know. I am able to use sql*plus to connect to the
    oracle 10g db, query it, etc. so I can connect to it outside of vs
    2003. I have the oracle 10g client installed.

    Any ideas on what that Application.Authenticate might actually be/where
    it is located? I did a search for it in the project via the find
    feature and it is not found in code. That means it has to be an
    external source which makes me think it just might be a stored proc but
    no clue how it is actualy being called or used?

    Any how, if anyone here has a thought on what might be causing this on
    my home pc using vpn, please let me know. I can open up three other sql
    server 2000 projects on vpn and run them with no problems at all.

    Any ideas?

    frekster, Sep 14, 2005
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