ASP.NET State Server Issues with Win 2003 Server

Discussion in 'ASP .Net' started by Jacob Jozwiak, Nov 4, 2004.

  1. Hi,
    I hope that someone has come across this problem in their travels,
    because it is causing me quite a bit of grief. I apologise for the
    length of this question.

    We are running a web farm consisting of 3xWin2K servers, and 1xWin
    2003 Server. We also have a State Server running (Windows 2003
    Server). I have configured all the web servers identically and they
    all share state via the state server, well, all except the Windows
    2003 Server which DOES NOT.

    I have scoured the web and have done the following:

    1. Made sure that all the machines in the web farm and the state
    server are updated with the latest version of .NET framework ( .NET
    1.1 SP 1 ).

    2. Ensured that all webservers have the same encryption/decryption
    keys specified in the machine.config file.

    3. Ensured that all web servers are configured for "StateServer" mode
    in the web.config and they have the correct connection string.

    4. Ensured that all web servers have the same metabase Id in IIS. This
    meant running the MoveInstance.vbs on the Win 2003 server to change
    the Metabase Id to 3 (so as it matches the win2k servers).

    5. Changed IIS on the win 2003 server to run in IIS 5.0 Compatibility
    mode. This was done so that it runs under the ASPNET account.

    The Windows 2000 servers successfully share their state amongst each
    other. I have written a simple page to test that, and they definately
    work 100%. The problem is that Windows 2003 web server appears to
    successfully talk to the state server ( this is evident, when you type
    the wrong state server name in the connection string it results in an
    exception ). It looks like Windows 2003 keeps it's session state
    separate to everyone elses.

    The ASP.NET session Id is the same across all machines for the session
    so it's not because the Windows 2003 server is creating a new session.

    Again, sorry for the long question, but it is quite an involved

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated...

    Jacob Jozwiak, Nov 4, 2004
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