Basic Struts work flow question

Discussion in 'Java' started by Ming, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. Ming

    Ming Guest

    Hi there,

    I am new to Struts. I am developing a small app to learn Struts. Could
    you please give me some suggestions? Many thanks!


    A very small web app. I have 3 tables: student, course, and student-
    course. Student and course are 1:N relationship. student-course is a
    bridge table, which takes user_id (from Student) and course_id (from
    Course) as FKs. Anonymous users can view, registered users can edit,
    admin can add,delete and edit. That's it!

    As I am brand new to Struts, I do not want to use Hibernate or another
    framework. I just want basic JDBC for db work.

    My ideas:

    1. For each action group (instead of individual action), create an
    Action class. For example, UserAction (add,edit,delete users) instead
    of UserAddAction, UserDeleteAction, UserEditAction. Is this a good
    practice or not? Or shall I create an Action class for each individual
    action (will that bring a lot repetitive codes?)

    2. Like 1, for each action group, create an ActionForm class, like

    3. Create a JSP page for each individual action (not group) as the
    input/entry page. For example, addstudent.jsp, deletestudent.jsp,
    editstudent,jsp. Each JSP page use corresponding ActionForm bean. For
    example, the above three JSP pages all use UserActionForm. However,
    different JSP pages use different element of the ActionForm bean. For
    example, user_id is not used in addstudent.jsp but is used in
    deletestudent.jsp, as an id is required to delete a record but not
    required to add one (I set id, the PK for Student table as auto-

    4. Create a db connection by using Singleton pattern

    5. For each Action class, depending on different inputs, prepare sql
    statement and pass the statement to the db connection created in 4.
    Get a RecordSet as returned value

    6. Create 3 javabeans to map three db tables

    7. Construct javabean objects based on the RecordSet returned from 5.
    For example, 比如select * from
    Student will construct a Set<Student>

    8. Use a loop in JSP page to get properties from the bean

    That's my basic view on Struts. I have no idea if my view is okay or
    bad. Could you please give me some help?

    Additionally, I am not sure how to close the db connection,.as I need
    to call the db many times. Within the Singleton patten db connection
    class, as I need to return the RecordSet, how shall I close the db?
    What shall be the order/sequence to do that?

    Thanks a lot.
    Ming, Nov 15, 2007
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