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    USB storage devices have gained popularity. It can be host to viruses,
    Trojans, hacker toolkits, worms or other forms of malicious programs.
    For example, when you plug your USB disk into a computer that is
    infected by viruses, viruses will create a file named AUTORUN.INF and
    malicious programs on your USB disk. Then, when you plug the USB disk
    to another computer, the one will be at risk. Threats from USB storage
    devices to computer have been a huge security risk for businesses and
    So, how does one protect against threats from USB storage devices?
    Well, here are my suggestions.
    1. The AUTORUN.INF file is a text file located in the root directory.
    It enables malicious programs to automatically run when the USB
    storage device is plugged into a computer. Fortunately, you can
    disable the AUTORUN in the registry. There are many instructions for
    doing this online. But one of the flaws is that people must be
    familiar with registry. The second flaw is that it can't delete the
    malicious programs on your USB disk, so the malicious programs still
    have threats against other computers.
    2. You can use antivirus software to scan removable storage media, but
    the flaws of the method are the antivirus software based on database
    of signature can't find new malicious programs, and scanning USB disk
    is time consuming.
    3. The best way of blocking threats from USB storage device is to
    choose the software Removable Storage Guard. It turns the AUTORUN off
    and uses new technology to quickly and exactly find all the threats on
    the removable storage media. You needn't worry about threats from USB
    storage as soon as you install the software.
    The key feature of Removable Storage Guard:
    1. Block all the threats via AutoRun of removable storage.
    2. Use new technology to find threats and have no needs in database of
    3. Show you all the programs running on your computer and tell you
    which programs are safe or unknown.
    4. Repair your registry destroyed by viruses.
    5. Clean your system rubbish.
    6. Shutdown windows by timer.
    7. Occupancy rate of CPU and memory is very low.
    8. List all the programs (except system programs) running with the
    startup of windows in the registry.
    9. Support and upgrade are free.
    You can find the software on
    Download link:
    , Jul 17, 2007
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