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  1. Kenny M.

    Kenny M. Guest

    I' m using a WS for a very active and transactional App, I'mean the WS
    serves more than 50 clients

    The WS checks for the Amount of a number, update the amount of the number
    and update a table, my WS sell lottery numbers.

    I want to make it faster:

    BufferResponse :
    Setting BufferResponse to true, serializes the response of the XML Web
    service method into a memory buffer until either the response is completely
    serialized or the buffer is full. Once the response is buffered, it is
    returned to the XML Web service client over the network. When BufferResponse
    is false, the response to the XML Web service method is sent back to the
    client as it is serialized. In general, you only want to set BufferResponse
    to false, if it is known that an XML Web service method returns large amounts
    of data to the client. For smaller amounts of data, XML Web service
    performance is better with BufferResponse to true.

    The WS can return a String , It can be Short returning only one sold number
    o can be very long returning 1000 sold numbers

    should I use BufferResponse=true?


    Kenny M.
    Kenny M., Apr 16, 2005
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