C, '69 Camaros, '69 Cudas (and Challengers)

Discussion in 'C Programming' started by Ed, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. Ed

    Ed Guest

    Warning: I'm gonna use a car analogy so turn off your set now if you
    abhore that. The analogy is quite timely, IMO. The subject was the real
    warning, duh.

    C "is like" a '69 Camaro or 'Cuda (FWIW, I always preferred Challengers
    over 'Cudas, and RS/SS Camaro was the best of the Camaro lineage). Those
    cars would do good in a straight line, but handling took second seat to
    the"quarter mile" mindset (OK to tangent me on this elsewhere, if you
    know what you are talking about. Be ready to "argue" that GTO's are safe.
    I'm taking some creative liberty here, so sush.). Niche market, not daily
    drivers, for sure: "Unsafe at any speed!" (GTO ref, for sure). It's a
    historical car.

    C++ is like an original '69 Camaro or Cuda body retrofitted with things
    like independent/coil-over suspension in attempt to get what is basically
    a straight-line car (by today's standards) to handle "well" (it can't be
    done). It's a cool ride, and fun to play with, but not very practical.
    It's a hobby car (read: a black hole to pour money into (double
    whammy!)). Of course, the vehicle is still "Unsafe at any speed!". Of
    course, if you're romantic and just want a Sunday show car to drive, it
    fits the bill. It's a hobby car.

    Today's (yes, you can buy a brand new one today) Camaro and Challengers
    (see, I knew back then that Challengers were sexier than 'Cudas!) are
    better. MUCH better. Not if you're ROMANTIC though and comparing apples
    to eve's breasts. Today's Camaro and Challenger have all the modern
    conveniences and are much safer cars while performing "great on a
    skidpad" (plz don't buy one with the intent to drive it in snow or rain:
    UNSAFE!). (And who actually buys a new Hemi Challenger without the 9 inch
    rear tire/wheel combo? Are you STUPID??!)).

    So, there are trophy resto rides, hobby cars, and modern technology. The
    former tend toward pleasure and the latter toward useful work, as primary
    goals. Choose appropriately.
    Ed, Jun 6, 2010
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