calculate number of template instantiations

Discussion in 'C++' started by Ruslan Mullakhmetov, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. Hi folks,

    I got an interesting problem to play with templates. It's not
    abstract and come from real life. I'm not sure wether it has solution
    within C++, so I need advise and you opinions.

    In brief: I need to calculate number of template instantiation,
    reasoning below.

    What I need. Assume I have some template Templ<T>. In the code I
    instantiated it several times like Templ<A>, Templ<B>, ... Next I need
    to get number of instantiation _prior_ to creating any of instances of
    instantiated types. The code, I believe, clarify. Note, it's not

    #include <iostream>

    template<typename T>
    struct Templ
    T some_dummy_value;

    class A{};
    class B{};

    struct InstanceA
    Templ<A> inst;
    void foo(){}

    struct InstanceB
    Templ<B> inst;
    void foo(){}

    //here the question
    struct Counter
    // ???????????
    INSTANCES_NUM = // ????????

    int main()
    // I need this value _before_ creating any objects of
    // instantiated types.
    std::cout << Counter::INSTANCES_NUM << std::endl;

    // And only now (!) create instances of InstanceA, InstanceB
    InstanceA a;;
    InstanceB b;;

    As you see I need number of instantiation before creating any objects
    of instantiated types, so it's almost (at least i see so) the same as
    knowing at compile time, so i wrote

    enum { INSTANCE_NUM };

    The reasoning. What I wrote above is extraction of what I need for
    simpleness and clearness. The real problem.
    I recently wrote a wrapper for plain C written simulation system (SS)
    designed with performance issues in mind, E.G. data locality. So i
    chose to use template-based approach for wrapping. This discrete
    event-driven SS managed memory itself and asks me for maximum size of
    messages _IT_ will create for me. So i wrote wrapers, but now I need to
    feed it with maximum message size of templates (==wraper for messages)
    i created.

    The flow.

    #include <ss.h>

    struct MsgA{};
    struct MsgB{};

    void fill_a( MsgA * msg ){}
    void fill_b( MsgB * msg ){}

    // callback for SS
    void event_handler( void * msg ){}

    // callback for SS
    void init()
    void * event = ss_create_event(time, recepient);
    MsgA * msg = (MsgA*) ss_message_data(event);
    fill_a( msg );
    ss_send_msg( event );

    // the same with msg B

    SS_AgentType agent_type = {

    int main()
    agents_num = 10;
    max_msg_size = max( sizeof( MsgA ) , sizeof( MsgB ) );

    ss_init( agents_num, max_msg_size, agent_type );
    // process results.

    I wrote wrapper that (almost) statically dispatch agents and message
    types and i avoided cast's from void *. But I still need to calculate
    message sizes. I want to avoid it to. It's quite the same as calculate
    number of instances.

    BR, Ruslan Mullakhmetov
    Ruslan Mullakhmetov, Oct 25, 2011
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