Can 1.3.1 EJBs be run under J2EE 1.4.x ?

Discussion in 'Java' started by Robert Maas, see, Jun 15, 2005.

  1. For two months I've been unable to get the J2EE 1.3.1 tutorial
    dollar/yen/euro conversion program to work properly. The application
    client never works at all, and the web client works as originally
    installed but when I update the source and recompile and then run
    deploytool, it says all the files are already up to date and refuses to
    ever update the EAR file to contain the new updated JAR file. This is
    all for a class I'm taking at DeAnza college. My instructor has been
    unwilling to help me because on my laptop it takes 10 minutes to start
    the system and log in and set up stuff, then 10 minutes to start the
    J2EE server, then 20 minutes to start up deploytool, then 5-10 minutes
    to update the screen every time I click on something new in deploytool,
    and that's more time already than he has available in any single block.

    Tuesday (was today but is now yeserday) I came up with an idea how my
    instructor might help me figure out what's wrong: I could collect all
    the relevant files into a temporary directory, zip it, uuencode it,
    upload to my Unix shell account, uudecode it there, upload the zip file
    to a Web site accessible by my instructor, and then he could download
    it, unzip it, distribute the files to the appropriate place on his J2EE
    system, and try running it on his computer which is much faster than
    mine, and see whether he has the same problems as I have. If so, he
    could then diagnose what's wrong on his system and tell me and I could
    try the same thing on my system. But when I suggested the idea to him
    during his office hours Tuesday, he said that it wouldn't work because
    1.3.1 EAR files are incompatible with J2EE 1.4.x. Is that correct?

    So he made a big deal about how he'll have to spend his valuable time
    looking for an old 1.3.1 online somewhere, downloading it, installing
    it on his computer, just to help me with this lab assignment which is
    due Thursday (tomorrow). Is he making a big fuss for nothing, or is he
    correct he really will have to install 1.3.1 on his computer before he
    can try my already-built J2EE 1.3.1 EJB application on his computer?

    By the way, I posted my questions already on a java newsgroup, but
    nobody was able to help me with either problem:
    - When I first built and deployed converterApp, which took appx. four hours
    on my laptop, the web client worked fine but the application didn't work,
    bombed out with NoSuchNameException or somesuch.
    - Then when I changed the yen/euro conversion rate and recompiled,
    deploytool Update Files claimed all files were already up to date,
    refused to update the EAR file, so the Web client is still using the
    old conversion rate, ignoring the change I made.
    Robert Maas, see, Jun 15, 2005
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