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    I have following format for collapsible panels.

    CollapsiblePanelExtender1 (expanded by default)
    CollapsiblePanelExtender2 (collapsed by default)

    if the textbox1.text (from collapsible panel1) is "Allow" I should be
    able to expand collapsiblepanels 2 .

    in my pageLoad javascript
    function pageLoad()
    cpe2 = $find("secondpanel");
    cpe2.add_expandComplete( expandHandler );

    txt = document.getElementById("TextBox1")

    function expandHandler( sender , args )
    if (txt.value!='Allow')


    But what is happening here is when the expand event is happened for
    collapsible panel2 ,
    expandhandeler gets called and condition is checked and if textbox
    value is not 'Allow' then the
    second collapsiblepanel is getting collaped. and there is flickr
    effect. like expand and collapse happening within a second. There are
    many articles on flickr but those are for page load.

    I want not to have this effect. I want the user to feel that the panel
    is disabled even if he clicks
    the second panel , it should not expand. (if the panel's enabled is
    set to false then I can not find it in Find$(<behaviourid>) also dont
    have clue how to find it then and how to enable it.

    So please give me some feedback.


    vijaysambhe, Jun 19, 2008
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