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    copied from 11863410blogstaft/gov/oec/cgi=ct-1/..
    DF Chat

    By Russell W.

    I am not a religious man, but I make the sign of the cross over my
    heart every time I read the story of Gadget the hacker on the

    Images of a man who helped a group of manipulative prostitutes flash
    across my mind.

    I am not supposed to use company internet for personal reasons but I
    am hooked on any news in the outcome of this case. As I stare at my
    computer screen I can't help but wonder with anticipation what will
    become of him. My heart sinks as I realize that this is not a story
    of a common street pimp

    I've been sitting in this cubicle for the last 4 hours reading. The
    police are serious about using these girls to fabricate lies to put
    this man away for life. For five minutes I stand up unable to
    comprehend what I have just read, my emotions turn to rage as my eyes
    come to rest on a notepad beside the monitor. I write down the list
    of girls names I find in his stories.

    I settle back into my chair and quickly enter the names into the
    GOOGLE search box and BINGO! A hit with a picture of each girl.

    As the pictures loads up on my screen I position the monitor so
    someone standing near my cubicle can’t see the screen I don't want to
    be fired for looking at prostitutes....

    After looking at the pics, what I find next drives my curiosity
    deeper..... dates, and times, criminal actions, locations and stage
    names at strip clubs, customers giving sexual reviews of these girls
    services at hotels months after this guys arrest.

    after chatting with a few members on some escorts sites they tell me
    that information about him has been deleted to protect the girls at
    the strip club name. They tell me where I can find copies of the
    deleted post and then it hits me. A rumor in one of the posts was that
    he may be dead or locked away in prison. Both ugly thoughts to me, I
    look at the picture of the Russian prostitute Darya Gunchenko, her
    angelic face and her eyes, then I look at her east Indian prostitute
    Rajni Parmar and her seductive smile. Suddenly, I can see why anyone
    would feel sorry for them. They were beautiful women appealing in so
    many ways the best that someone's money can buy.... and can still buy

    Reading between the lines I find part of the Gadget audio mp3 files
    that explain how he met each girl, detailing how he helped them and
    why and when he stopped speaking to them.

    Other files prove how manipulative the girls are as their own voices
    show as they try to blackmail him for money and computer services,
    right up to fake ID. with a “feel sorry for me” cover stories he
    tells them he sees right through

    His secret recordings of Lola Gunchenko, the Russian mother of Darya
    Gunchenko talking about the wild untrue stories of her daughter being
    an illegal Russian immigrant is priceless. Everything I have read
    about this man tells me he's a fighter.
    ffxff, Jun 27, 2008
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