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Discussion in 'Java' started by Corpuscler, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. Corpuscler

    Corpuscler Guest

    Hi all,

    I'm about to start developing web applications using some java
    framework. Naturally I first need to decide which technology to use. I
    have tried to figure out the best framework for a while now, and there
    are some things that confuse me (these questions are mainly about jsf
    related things). Could someone comment about the interrelationship
    between some concepts? I'll briefly describe what I've learned so far
    and what subjects are still vague to me.

    Okay, first there is jsf. Jsf is a standard, which is part of J2EE. It
    basically tells, which is a good way to make web framework with java.

    Then there are implementations, that follow the standards, for example
    the reference implementation "Sun JSF RI", "Apache MyFaces" and
    "Oracle adf".

    Then there are frameworks like Struts Shale, which is "built upon" jsf.
    And there is Struts 2, which is the next version of Struts (unlike
    Struts Shale, which is it's own project).

    And also there are frameworks, like ajax4jsf or facelets, which bring
    some additional features to jsf.

    So, now what's the difference in between say MyFaces and Struts Shale?
    Is it that they both implement jsf standard and add some of their own
    features? Or is it more like MyFaces is built upon jsf standard, and
    shale is built upon MyFaces (whatever this means...)? Or is MyFaces
    just as good option to consider for web framework as shale?

    Are all the additional jsf components available for all frameworks that
    implement the jsf standard? I mean, for example can I adopt ajax4jsf
    regardless of whether I'm using say Sun RI or Shale?

    If I start using shale, should I first learn to do things with JSF, or
    is learning shale more like learning jsf but with some extra features?

    And if you would now need to start making some java web application,
    and you'd get to choose whichever framework you wanted, what would you
    choose? Does anyone know forexample what's the future of Struts 2 vs
    Shale (of course you don't KNOW, but what do you think will happen)?

    So, there were a bunch of questions about a topic that's still quite
    vague to me. Hence some of the questions may be a bit odd, but I bet
    I'm not the only one who finds these topics confusing.
    Corpuscler, Nov 16, 2006
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