Corba SSLIOP help needed.

Discussion in 'Java' started by Andreas Leitgeb, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. We've got a network application with Java-GUI (Java Webstart)
    and a C++ server with TAO currently talking GIOP/IIOP.
    Now, we have to consider switching IIOP to SSLIOP.
    Tao got recompiled with ssl-support according to guides
    on the net, and our app got recompiled for ssl-enabled TAO.

    It was my naive hope, that once the corba-server was using
    SSLIOP, then the IOR-file would contain "everything" the client
    needs to know in order to speak SSLIOP to the server, yet it
    seems it doesn't - or the Java-Client needs some preparation,
    as well.

    According to wireshark, the corba-client still sends its request
    in cleartext. the server answers two packets: one with just binary
    data and a cleartext one, saying
    Of course, the problem happened already before: when the client
    sent cleartext in the first place.

    I have googled for "Corba ssliop java" but couldn't find a relevant
    one among all the hits. Probably some extra keyword that would restrict
    the search to the Java standard library's Corba implementation
    would help me (does it have a name?). I even happily accept "lmgtfy"-
    urls, if they contain helpful keywords besides those already mentioned.

    Also, I'd be happy to know, if it really ought to work out of the
    box on Java's side of Corba, (which would imply something was still
    wrong with the server-side configuration). Could someone point me to
    a public IOR-file (or even mail me an intranet one, whose server I
    cannot reach, anyway) that correctly makes Java's standard Corba-impl
    initially speak SSLIOP to the server? Don't bother about actual
    credentials: just so I can compare it structurally to the IOR
    produced from my server.

    Thanks in advance!
    Andreas Leitgeb, Apr 23, 2012
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  2. xxxadult23


    Jul 3, 2012
    this is late but...for ssliop...

    you need to set up both the client and the server...both the client and server need matching they can handshake...

    the cerificates need to be included in props and sslcontext for (java and c++)...and for the server that creates the ior you usually need to include an argument or property that will make sure the public IP is put into the IOR when its created...

    ...use omniorb for your clients and openorb for your servers...those are the best...

    TAO leaks and MICO has problems also with ssliop...opalorb takes up like 99% cpu with ssliop...jacorb is not as good as openorb...

    openorb is a java apache orb...and its awesome...
    xxxadult23, Jul 3, 2012
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