Crystal Reports -- how to create HTML-like tables?

Discussion in 'ASP .Net' started by, Nov 14, 2006.

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    (first -- does anyone know of a good CR group?)


    i am new to CR. i have created one report that queries the db and
    presents the data to the user in a tabular-like format.

    however, i could find no "table designer" in CR (im on 9, its our
    corporate standard still). thus i had to draw a box, and manually draw
    lines inbetween the details fields and rows in order to make it look
    like a table (in effect creating column and row lines).

    this works. however, it *doesnt* work when it comes to behaving like a
    table -- since the lines dont adjust for content. meaning, if i have a
    details field (say "Comments") that i enable "Can Grow" on, the content
    will grow to multiple lines, BUT, the horizontal line i drew to
    distinguish rows *doesnt* move -- so the auto-growing-content overflows
    its bounding lines. dah!

    im sure im missing something. drawing "tables" manually with lines like
    this seems very primitive and lacking in features that even Word
    supports. i would hope that after 9 releases theres a method for
    building layout tables, w/ support for column & row spanning.

    can someone tell me how its done? or point me in a good direction?

    , Nov 14, 2006
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