DB-API format string conventions

Discussion in 'Python' started by Craig Ringer, Dec 28, 2004.

  1. Craig Ringer

    Craig Ringer Guest

    Hi all

    I've recently been writing some code that for various reasons needs to
    support a couple of different PostgreSQL APIs for Python, and have the
    potential for MySQL support down the track. I've been running into a
    fair bit of trouble with the DB API, in particular the freedom it gives
    DB module implementers with regards to Cursor.execute() argument

    http://python.org/peps/pep-0249.html says that DB modules must have an
    attribute paramstyle, to tell the code using the module what string
    format convention it requires:


    String constant stating the type of parameter marker
    formatting expected by the interface. Possible values are

    There is no discussion, however, of why these _five_ different format
    styles are permitted, nor any way the calling code might compensate for
    this. Some APIs seem to support more than one style (PyPgSQL comes to
    mind here, with both printf+arglist and extended printf+dict support),
    but there is no apparent way to discover this. Some modules support
    changing paramstyle, others do not, and there's no spec coverage for

    This seems to my eyes like a fairly major DB API wart, assuming there's
    no nice way to get around it that I'm not aware of. Do I need to write a
    format_for_db_API(dbiapi.paramstyle,formatstring) function that converts
    an extended printf string to whatever the DB API expects, then use that
    every time I call Cursor.execute() ? If so, is there any chance of the
    eventual release of a DB API 2.1 that provides a single calling
    convention that MUST be supported?

    Any enlightenment on this would be much appreciated. I've found the
    Python DB API very nice to work with so far (my previous generalised DB
    API experience being with the DBI:: package in Perl) but this is really
    frustrating me.

    If worst comes to worst, I'll just write a simple cursor wrapper that
    can translate extended printf calls to whatever the DB API requires, but
    it'd be much nicer not to have to implement something as ugly as that to
    work around an issue with an otherwise very nice and clear API.

    Some digging around on Google Groups suggests that others have run into
    this problem, and quite a few have grumbled about it, but there have
    been no real answers. So:

    Would there be any interest in releasing a DB-API 2.1 with one
    parameter style made MANDATORY, and a tuple of other supported styles in
    ..paramstyles ? I think existing modules implemented in Python could be
    retrofitted to take extended printf quite easily, though at a small
    performance cost when extended printf was used. Modules in pure C would
    be more work, but still probably not a big deal.

    Craig Ringer
    Craig Ringer, Dec 28, 2004
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