debbugging in iis - serving outdated pages

Discussion in 'ASP .Net' started by Stephan Steiner, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. Hi

    So far, I've always been debugging my ASPX pages using the ASP.NET
    development server within Visual Studio, and then when everything worked
    out, deployed the aplication on a remote IIS (running on Win2003). A few
    times, I made some changes in the .cs files on the webserver as well, and
    those were taken into account immediately.

    Now I've had to write an application that returns XML to be displayed on a
    phone. I've tested as much as possible using the ASP.NET development server
    and my browser, and now it's time to test it on the phone. Naturally it
    doesn't work right away and that's the point where I figured out the
    development server doesn't allow remote connections. So I created a new
    project, created a new virtual directory on the IIS on my development box
    (WinXP) and pointed it to the directory where my existing application
    resides. After adjusting the IIS security settings, I'm now able to debug
    via IIS. However, when I make any code changes and try to debug the file,
    the breakpoint doesn't hit, VS tells me the code in the editor doesn't match
    the deployed code, and looking at the output in the browser, I can see that
    IIS still serves the old content. I even went as far as to restart the IIS,
    and it still serves the old content.

    IIRC, that's what drove me to using JSP for those phone apps a few years
    back (there debugging more or less works out as I like it.. although
    Netbeans doesn't hold a candle to VS) - but I'm convinced there must be a
    way. After all, if I make change a line on a .cs file on one of our
    productive servers, the next time somebody accesses the corresponding page,
    he gets to see the change I made.

    Any insight into this behavior and to correct it wold be much appreciated.
    Stephan Steiner, Jun 12, 2007
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  2. Hmm, it seems I figured out at least a workaround.. if I compile my original
    project (running on the ASP.NET Dev server), then the updated pages will
    show up on IIS as well. I still don't quite get how one would influence the

    Stephan Steiner, Jun 12, 2007
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