Deploying GAC dll to 3rd party machine, "Access is Denied"

Discussion in 'ASP .Net Security' started by Randy, Aug 26, 2003.

  1. Randy

    Randy Guest


    I have several reusable components (c# .net DLLs) that I
    use in many applications, such as a DataAccessLayer, a
    CommonUtilities component, a Security component, etc.
    When I develop locally, I found myself constantly having
    to include the projects to these reusable components in my
    new projects, or at least reference them. Then I read up
    on the GAC and realized that these components were perfect
    candidates for the GAC, so I installed them into the
    Global Assembly Cache and everything works great locally.

    Now, I also develop for other clients, most of who host
    their web apps on 3rd party co-located server. I'm sure I
    don't need to tell you that these co-locate houses don't
    look favorably on installing random developers DLL's into
    their machine GACs. So bottom line is I can't do this,
    and must use private assemblies, even for my reusable

    I tried to simply compile my web app on my development
    machine (which references the GAC components) and then
    copy the application to the hosting server. I just copied
    the bin directory with the local copies of all the
    references GAC dlls from the directory on my local dev

    Now the weird part, the application works for a little
    while, like a day or so, then all of a sudden I begin to
    get "Access is Denied" error on the first referenced
    reusable component. I then copy that same DLL from dev
    box, up to the live server box, no other changes...and the
    app runs fine again for another day, then the same thing
    happens again.

    I have since taken off all the strong names from my dev
    box, and reverted back to private assembly use again and
    the problem seems to have gone away. What gives here?
    The aspnet_wp user seems to have all the appropriate right
    to the right directories, but I still think it's a
    permissions problem. I did notice that the co-locater is
    hosting the webs on the D drive rather than the C.

    Bottom line, I would like to continue using GAC installed
    components when I develop locally, but want to be able to
    utilize these same components on third party boxes
    privately from uploaded web apps (in each web apps
    directory). Can I do this, and if so, what is the best
    way to accomplish this?

    Sorry so long, thanks a lot for reading!
    Randy, Aug 26, 2003
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