Design dilema using webservices

Discussion in 'ASP .Net Web Services' started by raffe, Feb 12, 2005.

  1. raffe

    raffe Guest

    Hello all

    I'm working on a design for a system consisting of a pocket pc applicatoin
    as a client interacting with an application.

    A feature in this system is that users of the pocketpc application collect
    some data and post it to the application. The application running on
    the pocket pc is developed by a another party. I have to provide a way for
    the developers of that third party application to post the data to the application. The data is always going to consist of a text string.

    An obvious choice is to extend the application with a web service
    with a method which the pocket pc application can call in order to send the
    data. My concern is maintenance of the code where a third party is involved.
    When I need to change the interface or make another change in the webservice
    I don't want to involve the third party in order to fix and redeploy the
    application. And redeployment is in this case a hassle as the users are
    spread all over the country.

    Would it be a better idea for me to make an assembly, which takes care of
    the communication with the application, which will be deployed with
    the third party application (only my assembly would have to redeployed)? Or
    would it be ok to let the pocket pc application call the web service
    residing on the application to be called by the third party code

    The code maintenance and compatiblity as the application changes,
    and the need for redeployment is my key concern. I have not much experience
    with web services. Are there any issues there? What could make a web service
    incompatible? What happens when the web service provider (the
    application) gets upfraded to newer version? Can I extend the webservice
    with more methods withould risking incompatibility? Other issues?

    raffe, Feb 12, 2005
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  2. Well deploying the application with your own web proxy assembly or
    within the pocketpc app, in my ind won├Ęt make musch of a difference if
    you are going to chnage the interface of the web method being called,
    because the data being sent to you may also have to be changed (adding
    addition parameters, etc...) As to your question about can you add
    more web service methods without breaking anything, absolutely as long
    as you do not change the existing web method interface you should be
    fine. Try creating a simple web service application, and user
    interface to try it out.
    Keenan Newton, Feb 13, 2005
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  3. raffe

    raffe Guest

    "Keenan Newton" <> wrote in message
    >As to your question about can you add
    >more web service methods without breaking anything, absolutely as long
    >as you do not change the existing web method interface you should be
    >fine. Try creating a simple web service application, and user
    >interface to try it out.

    Thank you! Trying it out...
    raffe, Feb 14, 2005
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