DOM Level 3 implementation in REBOL: evaluators sought

Discussion in 'XML' started by Rudolf W. MEIJER, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. This is to announce the completion of a REBOL implementation of the DOM
    Level 3 interfaces defined by the World Wide Web consortium (W3C, see, notably the Core, XML, Load and Save, and
    validation modules, with certain restrictions and deviations, related mostly
    to the capabilities of the programming language and operating system used
    (REBOL 2 under Windows XP and later).

    REBOL ( is a high-level, interpreted, multi-platform,
    multi-paradigm, dynamically reflective, symbolic programming language. It
    supports structured, functional, and prototype-based programming. REBOL is
    dynamic, and dynamically typed (values are strongly typed, variables are
    not). It uses garbage collection for memory management, and supports
    exception handling and dynamic name resolution.

    The present DOM implementation is a specific language binding of the
    abstract API, or Application Programming Interface, specified by the W3C.
    Subject to the restrictions and deviations detailed in the User Manual,both
    XML versions 1.0 and 1.1 are supported, with Namespaces. The implementation
    omits a number of data types, interfaces, attributes and methods which are
    either considered to be of little value for the general user, or not
    applicable because of other implementation choices.

    I am interested in having the parsing and validation facilities evaluated on
    large XML documents. I can make available a package containing a Graphical
    User Interface (GUI) for loading, parsing, serializing and validating XML
    texts. The package will also allow processing of the parsed/validated
    document tree through user scripts (written in REBOL 2) that can exploit all
    objects, attributes and methods of the implementation. Good knowledge of
    REBOL is required to produce these scripts.

    Both the implementation and the GUI are extensively documented. The GUI uses
    RebGUI from Dobeash Software (

    The package comes as a ZIP file with the following contents:

    DOMLevel3.exe (combined GUI + interfaces)
    DOM-Impl-manual.doc (Word file containing the interface documentation
    and example applications)
    DOM-GUI-manual.doc (Word file containing the GUI documentation
    and an example user script)

    The executable file does not need any installation or other files to run. As
    it is an evaluation copy, it will stop running after a fixed period of time
    (3 months)

    Reactions to me please:

    Rudolf W. MEIJER
    Rudolf W. MEIJER, Mar 12, 2008
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