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  1. Read the full story where you will find wonder [size = 4]
    The story of Dr. Miller
    The missionaries are very active in the call to Christianity and is
    also of those who have knowledge of a prolific Bible Bible ....
    This man likes mathematics so great ..... like logic or logical
    sequence of things .......
    One day he wanted to read the Koran in order to find where some of the
    mistakes that strengthen his position when his call to Muslims to the
    Christian religion
    Was expected to find in an old book the Koran written 14 centuries ago
    speak about the desert and so on ......
    But he was astonished that he found it ..... But discovered that this
    book has things not found in any other book in this world ........
    Was expected to find some difficult events that passed the Prophet
    Muhammad peace be upon him, such as the death of his wife Khadija, may
    Allah be pleased or the death of his daughters and sons ...... But he
    did not find anything of that ......
    But he made them confused as he found that there is an entire surah in
    the Koran called Surat Maryam and the honor to Mary of peace there is
    no precedent in Christian books and Bibles in them!!
    Sura did not find the name Aisha or Fatima, God bless them .....
    And also found that Jesus peace be upon him mentioned by name 25 times
    in the Koran, while the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him did not say
    only 5 times only increased at a loss of men ..... T.
    Take reading the Koran more closely to complain hoping to find it ....
    But he stunned a great and wonderful verse, namely, verse 82 in Surat
    women: 'Will they not ponder the Qur'an Had it been from other than
    Allah they would have found therein many a contradiction'
    Says Dr. Miller, about this verse 'of the scientific principles known
    at the present time is the MEED find errors or mistakes in the fact
    that the theories unproven Falsification test ... It is strange that
    the Koran invites Muslims and non-Muslims to find the errors when they
    will not have ......'
    He also says about this verse, 'There is no author in the world has
    the guts and is writing a book and then say: This book is free of
    errors, but on the contrary, the Koran tells you there is no errors
    but displays you can find the errors you will find'
    Also verses that end, Dr. Miller, then a long is the verse 30 of Al-

    'Have they not those who disbelieve see that the heavens and the earth
    were sewn Vvtguenihama and made from water everything living do you
    not believe in'

    Says, 'This verse is exactly the subject of scientific research, which
    won the Nobel Prize in 1973 and was about the Big Bang theory which
    states that the universe is located is the result of a huge explosion
    occurred from the universe including the heavens and the planets'
    Valrtq is one thing, while the coherent hernia is the thing loose
    glory to God.
    Says Dr. Miller,:
    Now we come to the amazing thing in the command of the Prophet
    Muhammad peace be upon him and claim that the devils are appointed by
    the God Almighty says:

    'What Tnazelt by demons and 210 should be 211 for them and what they
    can from hearing isolated 212' poets
    'If I read the Koran, seek refuge in Allah from Satan the accursed 98'

    Did you see?? Is this the way the devil in writing any book?? Writing
    a book and then say before you read this book you should Taataoz me??
    That these verses of things for a miraculous miraculous in this book!
    And the logical response for each of said this suspicion '
    Stories that impressed with Dr. Miller, and considers it of miracles
    is the story of the Prophet peace be upon him with Abu
    flame .................
    Says Dr. Miller,:
    'This man was hated Abu flame hate Islam so great that he was
    following Muhammad peace be upon him wherever he went to reduce the
    value of what the Prophet peace be upon him, if you saw the prophet
    speaks to strangers, people wait until it is the Apostle of the words
    to go to them and ask them why Mohammed told you? If you said white is
    black even told you that night is day destination that it was against
    anything that says the Holy Prophet peace be upon him and people
    question it.
    10 years before the death of Abu flame landed in the Koran called
    Surat Al-Masad, this Sura was decided that Abu flame will go to Hell,
    in other words, Abu flame will not enter Islam.
    Within ten years all that was on Abu flame to do is to come in front
    of people and say 'I will not say Mohammed Aslam and will enter the
    fire and I now declare that I want to enter into Islam and became
    Muslim!! ..
    Now what do you think is true to say Mohammed or not? Does the
    revelation that he gets inspired by God? .
    But Abu flame did not do so well, even though all his actions were
    contrary is the Prophet peace be upon him, but not the exclusion of
    this matter.
    Means that the story seems to say that the Prophet peace be upon him
    say to my father flame You hate me and want to Tnhini, well you have
    the opportunity to denounce my words!
    But he did not do except for ten years!! Did not submit to Islam did
    not even pretend to!!
    Ten years he had the chance to destroy Islam, one minute! But because
    this is not to speak words of Muhammad peace be upon him, but he
    inspired who knows the unseen and know that Abu would not hand over a
    How to Muhammad peace be upon him should know that Abu flame will
    prove that in the sura that this is not alive, and of God??
    How to be sure that within ten years of his right if he did not know
    he was alive from God??
    To put people with this serious challenge has only one thing this
    revelation from God '.

    > (Perish the hands of Abu flame Otb (1) is indispensable and earn money (2) pray Fire, Flame (3) and his wife strap firewood (4) in both good rope)

    Says Dr. Miller, for any Obehrth Ijazha metaphysical:
    'Metaphysics of miracles the Qur'an is the challenge for the future
    things can not be predicted by the rights are subject to the same
    test, but the former is the principle of falsification tests or find
    the errors so as to identify the health of the object to be tested,
    and here you will see what the Koran said about the relationship
    between Muslims and Jews and the Christians, the Koran .. says that
    the Jews are the most men in enmity to Muslims and this continues to
    the present most striking men in enmity to Muslims are the Jews'
    Dr. Miller, and supplements:
    'This is a great challenge so that the Jews have the opportunity to
    order the demolition of Islam is simple: to be treated with the
    treatment of Muslims, good for a few years and then say: Here we'll
    treat you good treatment and the Koran says that we are most men in
    enmity to you, then the Koran Error! , But this did not happen in 1400
    years!! This will not happen because these words came down from who
    knows the unseen and not a man! '
    Dr. Miller, supplements:
    'Did you see that the verse which speaks of the enmity of the Jews to
    Muslims is the challenge of the minds!! '

    'To most people find their enmity to the believers and the Jews who
    have been involved and find the nearest in affection to those who
    believe, who say that the Christians are priests and monks and they
    are not proud of 82 if they heard what was revealed to the Prophet see
    their eyes overflowing with tears, which knew of the right to say: Our
    Lord is safe with witnesses Vaketbna 83 What we do not believe in God
    what comes from the right and aspire to admit us to our Lord with
    righteous folk 84 'Round

    In general, this verse applies to Dr Miller, where it is Christians
    who knew when the right and a secure income Islam and became his
    calling ..... And the jurisprudence of God
    Dr. Miller, completes a unique style of the Koran, swaggering likeness
    'Without doubt there is in the Koran draws a unique and stunning does
    not exist in any other place, so that the Qur'an gives specific
    information and tells you: There were not learned before!! Such as:

    Surat Al-Imran - Sura 3 - verse 44 'the news of the unseen Nouhih to
    you and what you have to throw their pens as Ayham ensure that Mary
    and I have since Echtsamun'

    Hud - Surah 11 - Verse 49 'those of the unseen news Nouheha Here's
    what you learn you do not your people by this thy that the result for
    the Righteous'

    Surat Yusuf - Surah 12 - Verse 102 'from the unseen Nouhih news to you
    and what you have ordered them and they all agreed, as plots'

    Dr. Miller, supplements:
    'There is no book so-called sacred books speak in this way, all other
    books is a collection of information that tells you where you got this
    information, for example, the Bible (Bible typeface) when he discusses
    the ancient stories of King So and so says you lived here and this
    Commander certain battle fought here and another person had his number
    as well as the names of the children and so and so .. etc..
    But this book (the Bible typeface) always tell you if you want more
    information you can read the book or book Doe Doe because this
    information came from '
    Dr. Miller, supplements:
    'Unlike the Koran, extending Informing the reader and then you say
    this is new information!! And even asked them to make sure that you
    are hesitant in a way that the health of the Koran can not be from the
    mind of man!! .
    The amazing thing is the people of Mecca at the time - any time the
    descent of these verses - and time after time they hear it and hear
    the challenge that this new information not known to Muhammad peace be
    upon him and his people, although it did not say: This is not new, but
    we know it , never said that did not happen like that did not say: We
    know where Muhammad came with this information, also did not happen
    like this, but what happened is that no one dared to contradict him or
    answering him Nha not actually completely new information!!! And not
    from the mind of man but of God a one who knows the unseen in the
    past, present and future '
    Praise be to Allaah, Dr. Miller, on this beautiful reflection of the
    book of God in the time there were less of reflection
    Oh, forgive the believing men and women
    Please send them to the largest number of people perhaps God guide the
    What to see an infidel, and you find only faint
    This is the original article by Dr. Miller, who wants to publish in
    English, entitled "The Koran is amazing" ... :
    xoxoxo xoxoxo, Dec 17, 2009
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