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Discussion in 'Java' started by Sudsy, Nov 12, 2003.

  1. Sudsy

    Sudsy Guest

    So I finally got around to installing JBoss and the JBoss IDE component
    for integration with Eclipse. Things were going swimmingly as I worked
    through the tutorial. Command completion was nice but the best part was
    the use of xdoclet tags to generate the ejb-jar.xml as well as the home
    and remote interfaces. Now that's a real time-saver!
    I created my own project and had imported a couple of my stateless
    session beans (just the Bean code) and entered the appropriate tags.
    Again, things were going along nicely when it happened. I found that I
    couldn't import the last file I needed; the import wizards window was
    devoid of the tools I had previously used. I also found that shutdown of
    the JBoss server wasn't working. When I went to Window->Preferences all
    I got was a blank window.
    Now I'm not one of those people who claims "I didn't do anything!"
    unless it's true. And it was true in this case. I have no idea what
    happened under the covers to make it stop working. Fortunately I had
    RTFM and used the -data flag to store the project in a subdirectory of
    my home directory. Since I don't archive applications until they've been
    on my system for a month or six, I was able to blow away the eclipse
    instance and reinstall. I also had to reinstall the JBoss IDE but at
    least the location had been retained. Still, it took a fair bit of time
    to get back to operational. It would have taken a LOT longer if I had to
    reinstall from CD-ROM or didn't have a high-speed 'net connection.
    And here's where I find myself asking whether I'd really saved any time
    in the process. In the time it took for diagnosing and correcting the
    problem, I could have written the home and remote interfaces as well as
    the ejb-jar.xml file. The experience also found me doubting the solidity
    of this framework. Is it so fragile that I can expect to reinstall on a
    semi-regular basis?
    Now don't get me wrong: there's a lot to like here. Being able to debug
    servlets is particularly slick, although I couldn't enter anything in
    the text box in the Expressions window (perhaps a symptom?). Like other
    EJB authors, I've written my own suite of tools which generate code from
    a variety of sources (I like using java.sql.DatabaseMetaData). So I need
    to know whether my experience is anomalous or if others have found some
    instability with this framework. I'm not about to discard a set of tools
    which do the job in favour of a system which isn't 100% reliable.
    Sudsy, Nov 12, 2003
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