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Discussion in 'ASP .Net' started by, Jan 17, 2005.

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    I hope I can describe this in a way that someone can recognize it and
    help out. I have a page on an intranet which for certain users lists
    many many links and for other users lists a only a few links.
    Essentially, if you are a user it will show you items relevant to only
    you, but if you are an administrator you will see everyone's links and
    can poke around. How many links? I just saved the resulting web page
    using File->Save and it is 10,263.169 byes, 9.78 MB. A regular user
    has maybe a .5 MB file.

    Clicks are handled on the server side, and the handler takes care of
    expand/collapse as well as redirecting the user to the source of
    whatever link they finally click on.

    Here's the trouble: for regular users, everything is fine. For the
    administrators, everything *used* to be fine. But now, anyone who sees
    the maximum number of links gets the following error when they click on

    1. They are prompted for a user name and password to connect the the
    network resource (which they've already authenticated with and should
    not be prompted, and users with smaller pages do are NOT prompted)

    2. Nothing happens except, apparently, that the page reloads. They are
    not redirected to their link (which is handled in the code with

    Page.Response.Redirect("linktext", true);

    Again, folks with smaller initial pages have no problem: they go right
    to their redirects.

    Does anyone have an idea of what this could be about? Is there a size
    limit on redirects? Any help is appreciated.
    , Jan 17, 2005
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