Establishing Socket Connection to a slow or busy server

Discussion in 'Java' started by Chad W. Taylor, Jun 25, 2004.

  1. Currently, I'm developing an AIM-based BOT application in Java and it
    requires establishing a socket connection to their free and public
    server (host:, port: 9898).

    About 75% of the time a connection will be successfully established
    using this:

    oConnection = new Socket("", 9898);

    25% of the time when a connection fails (timeout) is due to the server
    being too slow or busy to respond to the connection request; however,
    the server will eventually response within 40 to 60 seconds.

    Let me go into details with my findings when attempting to connect to
    the slow/busy server:

    For experimental purposes, I used the telnet command (via the DOS
    command prompt: "telnet 9898"), the connection will
    be established usually within 40 to 60 seconds.

    As I said before, the BOT application is developed in a Java
    environment and when attempting to establish a connection (using
    Java's Socket), a timeout exception gets raised when it hits the
    20-seconds mark. It tells me that the Java Socket has the timeout
    defaulted to 20-seconds.

    I am aware that we can define the timeout settings using Socket's
    "setSoTimeout(x)" method; however, it's only good for AFTER a
    connection is established.

    Now, to sum up my findings – it clearly shows that the DOS' telnet
    prompt has longer "wait time" before raising any exceptions. As far
    as Java Socket is concerned, if a connection is not established within
    20 seconds, it raises the timeout exception.

    Is there a way to stretch the "wait time" or "timeout" to be longer
    than 20 seconds for when a socket connection is being attempted?

    Millions of thanks in advance,
    Chad W. Taylor
    Chad W. Taylor, Jun 25, 2004
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  2. iksrazal

    iksrazal Guest

    (Chad W. Taylor) wrote in message news:<>...
    > Is there a way to stretch the "wait time" or "timeout" to be longer
    > than 20 seconds for when a socket connection is being attempted?
    > Millions of thanks in advance,
    > Chad W. Taylor

    The big problem using the standard Socket classes up until jdk 1.3 is
    their inflexibility. jdk 1.4 added the nio classes which perform much
    like the C/unix model. The disadvantage of the nio classes is that
    they are harder to program. The advantage is the flexibility needed to
    solve most problems.

    At the moment I'm designing a scalable client socket architecture for
    a protocol similair to telnet. I do have some problems still as
    referenced by my other posts, but I like a lot what I'm getting out of
    nio so far.

    To answer your question, with nio you can have a timeout to recieve
    the connection, but then it is no longer asynchronous/non-blocking.
    That might not matter for you, but if it does you can use
    java.util.timer . See my post on this group about nio and timeouts. As
    for nio reads/writes, see my current post that I'm trying to resolve.
    In the end, nio allows for timeouts on both recieving the connection
    and seperately for doing read/writes.

    If you decide not to go with nio, try this:

    Socket.connect(SocketAddress, 30000);


    Outsource to an American programmer living in brazil!
    iksrazal, Jun 26, 2004
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