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Discussion in 'Python' started by Jacob Hallen, Jun 15, 2005.

  1. Jacob Hallen

    Jacob Hallen Guest

    The Europython schedule was publised on the Europython website
    ( today. With five parallel sessions for
    half of the conference and four for the rest, we think we have the
    largest selection of Python and Zope talks ever.

    "Actually, we are more proud of the quality of the talk toipcs than of
    the quantity", says Paul Everitt, chairman of the Zope and Zope
    related track.

    "I'm very excited about the Tutorials track", says Harald Armin Massa.
    "We have the perfect setup for introducing new people to the world of
    Python. I can't wait to get started."

    "We hope that many more people will register, now that the schedule is
    set", comments Jacob Hallén, the conference head organiser. "We have
    had an unusual procedure, where the early registrants have told us their
    interests in the different talks. This has provided us with excellent
    data for scheduling. If people stick to what they have told us, there
    will be no overcrowding of rooms and fewer clashes beween interesting
    talks than usual. However, it has made the final scheduling fairly late,
    so people who have waited need to register in the next few days."

    "We still have a few double rooms at the conference accomodations" adds
    Laura Creighton. "The 4-bed rooms are all sold out."

    Apart from the Zope and Tutorials/Neopythe track, there are tracks for
    Education, Science, Refereed Papers, Business, Python Language, Python
    Frameworks, Social Skills/General Topics and a special Misfits track
    for stuff that would otherwise fall between the cracks. There is also
    OpenSpace, Lightning talks and Zope lightning talks.

    On top of this, we have 2 exciting Keynotes, featuring Guido van Rossum
    and Steve Pemberton, a pub, a conference dinner and lots of other

    Last day for preregistration is 20 June, if you are paying by credit card
    and 17 June if you are paying by SWIFT/IBAN. After that, your only option
    is on-site registration. The last day for ordering a conference T-shirt
    is 15 June.

    Jacob Hallen, Jun 15, 2005
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