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Discussion in 'Python' started by Ian Bicking, Jan 7, 2005.

  1. Ian Bicking

    Ian Bicking Guest

    I've been using one of several systems to catch unexpected exceptions
    and log them (e.g., write to a file, display on web page, email me,
    etc). But many are built into a particular system, or have an
    interesting but incomplete set of features. E.g., many web frameworks
    have exception reporters (and the stdlib includes cgitb), but I want to
    handle non-web exceptions in the same way as exceptions from web
    requests, and that's not generally easy.

    So, I'm figuring there should be some generic library that does this.
    Does anyone have experience with one they could recommend? PyCrash
    comes to mind: http://pycrash.sourceforge.net/, though the XML output
    doesn't excite me (but the post-mortem debugging data is nice). py.test
    makes nice tracebacks with extra data as well, and cgitb is another
    option, though I've found the code to be poorly factored for reusability
    when I've looked at it in the past. Zope includes an
    otherwise-Zope-neutral ExceptionFormatter, which isn't terribly
    exciting, except that it does look for __traceback_info__ local
    variables and create reports with those inlined. Maybe there's
    something better that's packaged as part of a larger framework? Does
    anyone have good or bad experience with PyCrash?

    Localized application extensibility is really useful to me as well; for
    instance, in a web application I like to know who the logged-in user is,
    and all sorts of environment information, and there's no way to do that
    that is common to all the environments I'd like this to work in. On the
    reporting end configuration and hooks are also really useful; e.g.,
    there's no general way to display an exception report on a web page, so
    a web framework would have to hook into it in some way as well.

    I feel like there must be something out there, since every Python
    programmer has to deal with this sort of thing to some degree...?

    Ian Bicking / / http://blog.ianbicking.org
    Ian Bicking, Jan 7, 2005
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