Extending the default file URL protocol handler to work with Window shares?

Discussion in 'Java' started by Filip Larsen, Jul 4, 2003.

  1. Filip Larsen

    Filip Larsen Guest

    I have been trying to use the URL class in an application for specifying
    files on a Window share (with syntax "\\host\path\file"), but without much

    I am using some guesswork here since the two classes in play, Handler and
    FileURLConnection, both are in the sun.net.www.protocol.file package to
    which I don't have any source code, but the following seems to happen:

    - a file Handler singleton is installed when the first file protocol URL is
    - an url is made such that url.toString().equals("file:\\host\path\file"),
    - the url gets an openConnection call,
    - the url delegates the openConnection method call the Handler singleton,
    - the Handler singleton checks if File("\path\file") exists, which it
    - the Handler falls back trying the URL "ftp://host/path/file" instead,
    which also fails.

    So, the problem as I see it is that the file Handler is stripping the
    hostname away from the string it gives File and I have not been able to find
    any URL syntax for which this doesn't happen.

    Since the File class have no problems with the "\\host\path\file" notation I
    then tried to install a very simple file protocol handler with

    public class MyURLHandlerFactory implements URLStreamHandlerFactory {
    public URLStreamHandler createURLStreamHandler(String protocol) {
    if ("file".equals(protocol)) return new MyFileURLStreamHandler();
    return null;

    public class MyFileURLStreamHandler extends URLStreamHandler {
    protected URLConnection openConnection(URL u) throws IOException {
    return new MyFileURLConnection(u,new File(u.getPath()));

    public class MyFileURLConnection extends
    sun.net.www.protocol.file.FileURLConnection {
    public MyFileURLConnection(URL u, File f) {

    where the last class is necessary because
    sun.net.www.protocol.file.FileURLConnection only have one constructor which
    is protected. Note that in my case, u.getPath().equals("\\host\path\file")
    which gives a File that actually exists.

    This handler almost works. It seems to work fine with the normal file URL's
    that are used during application start-up and also with those special
    windows-URL's I feed it. However, now the file URL's are no longer parsed
    into a canonical form (like "file://host/path/file") so building new
    relative URLs from those backslash-URLs do not work except for very simple
    cases like new URL("file:\\host\path","file"). More complicated things like
    new URL("file:\\host\path","../otherpath/file") ends up as new
    File("\\host\path/../otherpath/file") which is not working.

    One should think that the problem of getting Java URLs to support Windows
    UNC paths must have been solved before by someone, but a quick visit to
    google did not show up anything. So now, before I go spending a big effort
    to research and write my own full-fledged FileURLConnection, I would like to
    ask if any of you have any pointers on how I go about adding "general"
    support for Windows UNC paths to the URL system?

    And if anyone have the Java 1.4 source code for those two "unsupported" sun
    classes mentioned above and are allowed to show it to others, I'd almost
    give a body part to see it :)

    Filip Larsen
    Filip Larsen, Jul 4, 2003
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  2. Cedric

    Cedric Guest

    Just an idea:
    If you want to access \\host\foo\file, you have to use in Java:
    File("\\\\host\\foo\\file") because the backslash will be interpreted, and
    the result of the \\host\foo\file would be for java
    \host(form-feed)oo(form-feed)ile. Backslash marks an escape character.

    Cedric, Jul 4, 2003
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