FAQ Topic - How do I convert a Number into a String with exactly 2 decimal places? (2008-04-21)

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    FAQ Topic - How do I convert a Number into a String with
    exactly 2 decimal places?

    When formatting money for example, to format 6.57634 to
    6.58, 6.5 to 6.50, and 6 to 6.00?

    Rounding of x.xx5 is uncertain, as such numbers are not
    represented exactly. See section 4.7 for Rounding issues.

    N = Math.round(N*100)/100 only converts N to a Number of value
    close to a multiple of 0.01; but document.write(N) does not give
    trailing zeroes.

    ECMAScript Ed. 3.0 (JScript 5.5 [but buggy] and JavaScript 1.5)
    introduced N.toFixed, the main problem with this is the bugs in
    JScripts implementation.

    Most implementations fail with certain numbers, for example 0.07.
    The following works successfully for M>0, N>0:

    function Stretch(Q, L, c) { var S = Q
    if (c.length>0) while (S.length<L) { S = c+S }
    return S
    function StrU(X, M, N) { // X>=0.0
    var T, S=new String(Math.round(X*Number("1e"+N)))
    if (S.search && S.search(/\D/)!=-1) { return ''+X }
    with (new String(Stretch(S, M+N, '0')))
    return substring(0, T=(length-N)) + '.' + substring(T)
    function Sign(X) { return X>0 ? "+" : X<0 ? "-" : " " }
    function StrS(X, M, N) { return Sign(X)+StrU(Math.abs(X), M, N) }
    Number.prototype.toFixed = function(n){ return StrS(this,1,n) };



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    FAQ server, Apr 21, 2008
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